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Ohio still at stay-at-home rules

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Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham wearing their beautiful prom dresses. They are the daughters of Scott and Anna Nottingham and granddaughters of Rose Ballard.

Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham wearing their beautiful prom dresses. They are the daughters of Scott and Anna Nottingham and granddaughters of Rose Ballard.

Hello everyone!

Once again I will start this column asking how’s everything in your little corner of the world? How many have been having lettuce and onions from your garden?

Assuming you’ve been able to get a garden started. The weather is so unpredictable. We have one or two days of warmth then it seems winter comes a’calling again.

When I had propane ordered I was sure I would have enough to last into most of next season, but I’m still needing heat.

My son Keith jumped the gun, as he installed the portable air conditioner in his bedroom. Now he has to use the mini electric heater to take the chill off.

So far he hasn’t mentioned putting the one in the living room window. I am glad that I am home or he would have already had it in.

Annette Akers on Kingscreek has a couple of pictures on the computer of their garden, and it is so beautiful. I forgot to send her a message asking if she had fixed lettuce and onions with bacon grease yet.

About this time last year Annette sent me her address so I could come visit her to get some lettuce, even saying if she wasn’t home her husband would be in the garden, as her brother was in the hospital and she might go there.

I forgot the house number at home when I was packing to leave. As I drove past Annette’s house I was positive it was her place and a man was in the yard. I was too embarrassed to stop and ask if I was at the right place, so I drove down the road and turned around heading back to the campus. They have the most beautiful garden that I’ve seen in years.

The Mitchells on Kingscreek, I believe their name was Ike and Vera, I may have the wrong names, always had the best-looking garden as I would travel up Kingscreek.

I’ve thought about having Keith buy a rototiller to dig up a portion of the yard for a small garden, but then I am not able to work in one so there’s no use.

Ohio is still on stay-at-home rules, which means my granddaughter Jodi Gray Davidson still has me in timeout. To be honest I really don’t mind being at home. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been weird as I have never really paid attention to being alone.

For someone to love and enjoy the companionship with people as much as I do then to say I like being alone really doesn’t make sense. It is the truth. After I leave a dance, as much as I love that with all my heart, the silence is great afterwards.

I am so thankful that I have no one here during this quarantined time as Keith works such long hours and when he is home he is in the garage working on his truck. If he works late at night, he comes home to mow the grass by the headlights of the lawn mower.

I make sure Keith has a hot supper, which means I cook, then Keith will reheat whenever he gets home.

As I look across the hayfield I wonder what Mom and Dad would make of this coronavirus pandemic that we are going through. Mom didn’t visit the neighbors or go anywhere, so that part wouldn’t bother her.

Occasionally Magnolia Whitaker would walk from the head of Mill Branch to Roxana. Magnolia would always stop to visit with Mommy.

Mom was too busy working in the house or outside to go anywhere.

Sometimes Magnolia would bring her daughter Barbara Whitaker Fields with her. I really enjoyed that as Barbara and I were the same age. Of course Barbara and I went to school at Mill Branch together.

As I let my thoughts drift back to Mill Branch School, I wish I knew the history of the school. I miss Merlene Day, as she was so knowledgeable about everything.

Merlene sent me a picture of Mill Branch School House, which I still have someplace. I don’t know of anyone that knew as much about genealogy as Merlene Day.

I’ll always regret that I wasn’t in touch with my cousin Tony and Faye Shepherd as they bought and restored the Mill Branch School House, then later demolished it to build a beautiful home.

Each time I drive up Mill Branch, I hardly recognize anything as there are so many houses that are crammed on top of each other.

I do recognize Ruben and Odell Watts’s home-place where Mike and Donna Watts live. I finally figured out the little side road that led to the home where Andy Bates family lived.

Roxana will always be home to me, no matter how many years I am away.

If this stay-at-home rule doesn’t lift soon, Carcassonne Community Center along with Campbell’s Branch Community Center will not open Even though I can’t dance I need the music once in a while, plus I miss the drive to and from the mountains.

Old Time Fiddlers is on hold, and the Appalachian Festival, which is held on Mother’s Day weekend at Old Coney Island in Cincinnati, is cancelled.

The 2020 seniors don’t get to have a prom or a graduation ceremony, along with college students whose graduation ceremony is cancelled also.

These are things that can never be. So many memories are made at these wonderful times of the year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and everyone that has taken the role of being a mother. Just giving birth to a baby doesn’t qualify you as a mother in my opinion.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing as well as possible under these circumstances.

I want to share a little something with you. One evening I received a message on my voice mail from Ann, thanking me for the beautiful tulips.

I had been very sick and hadn’t talked to Ann for a couple of days, and she was saying that I seemed to know when she was having a bad time.

Well I didn’t know what she was talking about, then when I listened to the full message I knew that Keith had bought Ann the tulips and taken them to her.

When I called Ann and repeated the message, I finally interrupted her enough to tell her that I had no idea what she was talking about, as Keith had done that himself.

Yes, it pleased Ann that Keith is that thoughtful, and caring. When Keith came home I repeated what Ann had said, then Keith hands me a bunch of tulips.

Yes, I am so proud of Keith for being this kind and courteous.

Sue Wagner is still having good and bad days.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner and the whole family.

Until next time.

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