Whitesburg KY

Ohio trees are in bloom

Northeast Ohio

Another beautiful warm, sunny day. Unbelievable! Not complaining, mind you, I’m loving every minute of it.

Catharine picked me up and we went grocery shopping, not getting around much anymore. I could hardly believe how many trees were in bloom, pinks, white and forsythia all golden yellow. Flowers of many beautiful colors and trees with lots of different shades of green showing.

I saw one perfectly shaped Bradford pear full of bridal white blossoms and the grass, but that’s another story. Our grass needs to be mowed, but who’s gonna do it?

Just really thankful for all these gifts from Mother Nature. I did see some butterflies flitting hither and yon, yellow and white, some small and some bigger.

Jeanie had her procedure done Tuesday, and called me after she got home and rested awhile. I had to laugh as she was very talkative and still kind of in ‘la-la land.’

She called again last night and I told her she seemed to be more earthbound. So far she seems to be doing extremely well but just has to wait and see if everything turns out the way it should.

Got a call from two dear friends, Clara Pfister in Clarkston, Mich., and Dorothy (Rose) Vernatter in Somerset. I really enjoy talking with both and I promise to get letters in the mail to both of them and others.

Have finally gotten to the point where I can sit for a longer length of time, which helps.

Dorothy, I’m not sure I got your last name right, sometimes can’t read my own writing.

Lost a very dear friend March 14, Emilie Schmidt of Shepherdsville, formerly of Letcher County. I’m really going to miss her cards and letters. My heartfelt sympathy to her family and her many friends. Thank you to her cousin, Fay Swims, Taylor, Mich., for letting me know.

Jettie seems to be coping pretty well. She has had a lot of business to take care of and keeps herself busy. Says evenings get pretty lonely.

Red isn’t doing so well. He has a lot of trouble with his legs, but vows he is just fine and can do most anything he used to do.

I really am doing fairly well, but I do tire easily. I will drive a short distance and am having to learn how to cook all over again. I know my limitations.

We had company last Friday evening, and got to see and meet our first and only great-great-grandchild. A handsome precious baby boy. So tiny, as he was a month early. I have dolls bigger and heavier than he is.

His name is Christopher Raymond McAtee Jr., Jennifer’s first grandchild and Bill and Redia’s first great. Christopher’s dad and stepmother, Fritz and Shirley, are just over the moon and I’m thinking that’s one little boy who will be like our two. They were the first grandchildren in my family and were treated like the only babies around but neither was ever a spoiled brat.

Haven’t talked to Georgia today so I don’t know if they will stop by tonight or not.

Redia called and said she had to have her eyes dilated today and was just beginning to see well. Her brother Margin from Columbus had been up and spent a night or two with them.

Haven’t talked to Bill, but I know he’s busy. He picked up a load of clothes recently and had to separate, sort and fold shirts and measure and fold pants. Not an easy job and believe me, I know.

Red has talked with several of his family, Charles, Mae and Jean, Nina and niece Frances, nieces Lena and Carleta.

Better get April anniversaries and birthdays in before I forget. Billy Wayne and Laredia Gail (Keathly) Engle (Bill and Redia) on April 1, and April 12 Vincent and Amanda Roberts.

Birthdays are: Johnell Sergent, April 2; Joyce (Resor) Sergent, April 10; Catharine (Engle) Taylor, April 15; Phillip Shortt, April 16; Valerie Engle, April 17; Jettie ( Quillen) Sergent, April 18; Beulah Bentley, April 21; Betty Wells, April 25; Kim (Goins) Brashears of McRoberts, April 26; and Linda Mullins of Jenkins, April 27.

Wishing each and every one a very special day and may you enjoy many, many more. A wish for all who celebrate in April.

(A note from the ‘secretary’: My Mamaw seems to have forgotten one birthday, her own! Happy birthday on April 16, to Emma Lou (Sergent) Engle.)

Want to send love and hellos to all my dear friends wherever you are, and I will be getting some letters out soon.

Have a great and glorious week. Look for me next week.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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