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Ohio Valley area having nice weather

Happy Halloween everyone!

We are still having nice weather in the Ohio Valley area, and once again I wish it would stay this way until spring. On the hillside across from my house, the trees have already shed their leaves without changing colors. It makes me want to head back for the mountains to see if the trees are changing there.

There’s so much that I didn’t get to do while I was in the mountains for Blackey Days. I am a very selfish person as I had my heart set on spending my time at Blackey Days. I enjoy the bands and seeing people, although for the past two years I haven’t mixed with the crowd that much with me feeling so bad.

By the time I make it to Whitesburg Motel, I am worn out from the drive. Then I seem to find energy to go listen to music. I planned to go see Oma Hatton, and though I tried calling Annabelle Wright, there wasn’t a listing in the telephone book. I didn’t realize that Annabelle was in Letcher Manor, since I have been so sick we haven’t been in touch.

Southern Ohio

My sympathy goes out to the family of Annabelle Wright as I read that Annabelle took her final voyage. It breaks my heart, I actually thought about trying to drive back for Annabelle’s funeral, however she wouldn’t know I was there.

The mountains have lost a special person. Annabelle’s aunt, Anna Stuart or Stewart, I have forgotten which way it is spelled, was my first grade teacher. Jessie Wright Annabelle’s mother, taught me second, third, and fourth grade. Mrs. Wright passed me from the second to third in the same year, then taught me fourth-grade arithmetic in third grade.

Annabelle’s aunt let her go to school a year earlier than she was supposed to, then she had the opportunity to go to college and become a teacher. Larry Sparks was an idol of Annabelle’s as she helped promote Larry’s career.

There’s a picture hanging in Parkway Restaurant of Larry Sparks and Annabelle. I sent Larry a message about Annabelle dying.

If there’s any way possible I plan to make one more trip to the mountains before winter. I intend to make one person a priority; I want to see Oma Hatton. Oma goes to show her respects to people and she is such a sweet person. I am very sorry I didn’t get to see her this time.

My niece Sue Hall was in another car accident. She was very lucky that she wasn’t seriously injured again.

Ricky Hall received a much enjoyed surprise visit from his son Steve Caudill. I must say Ricky is one proud dad. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, there’s nothing like a visit face to face to brighten your day or night.

Once again I want to say how much I appreciate Mike, Marcia and Ricky being so wonderful to me. Marcia, the apples are delicious. I fried a handful and I wish I could say they digested, but they still tasted so good.

Friday evening, I went to the Coon Hunters Club to listen to music. Tony Hale & Black Water Band were playing there.

As usual the band was great and Tony sang my special song, “You’ll Always Be My Blue-Eyed Darling.” A stranger asked me to dance, and I haven’t danced in over a year. My legs were trembling so bad I was afraid I was going to fall.

It was wonderful to see several people I haven’t seen in a long time. It was also painful sitting watching my dancing partner Alphine Stacy cutting a rug while the band played several fast dance tunes. Oh well, at least I was able to go.

Marvin Davis a longtime friend and musician was there, and that is first time I’ve seen Marvin in over three years. The first thing Marvin said to me was, “You are so tiny.”

Ricky and several others told me the same thing down home.

Saturday night, Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers performed at Hoosier Theater in Indiana. Vicki Power and I decided to go, and of course the Lady Slippers did a great job to a full house.

They had fans from California, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, and even one hillbilly wore a tee shirt with “Ma Crow & the Lady Slippers” written on it. Several people wanted to know where I got my shirt, as I am the only one that has a shirt like it.

I haven’t talked to Johnny or Ann Calihan this week, but I did talk to Betty Ison. Doyle and Betty are perking along though like me, not at their fullest speed.

Les and Pat Wagner are doing great, and I hope to see them before too long.

Hello James and John Ison and all the Wagner families in the mountains.

I just remembered I have something that needs to be done immediately, so until next time.

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