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Ohio weather is delightful

Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh, the weather is delightful. At least we don’t have snow or flooding like so many states have. It is a rainy day in the Ohio Valley area, and a little chilly as I said at least it isn’t snow or ice.

I’ve almost had to find some glue to put on my shoes to keep them from getting in the car to head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky, as Sunrise Ridge is playing at Campbell’s Branch Community Center.

As I said before, it is too close to Christmas, plus I finally got an estimate on my roof. When you own a house it is one thing after another.

I am still fighting with State Farm as they will only fix one half of the roof. Actually they aren’t allowing enough money to cover it.

I don’t want to go in debt since I bought this car about six months ago. Oh well, it will work out someway.

I don’t like this car any better as time goes by, there are too many little things about it that bother me. My other cars, you could roll the windows down and it would take the frost off, not this one. You can’t lock this one with the car running, even with the extra keys.

When I get it paid down, if God is willing, I am going to trade it. I know it is supposed to be a good car, and is very good on gas mileage. I try to be thankful that a way was made for me to get a new car as I said without help. I just wish I had looked a few more days instead of jumping as fast as I did.

When my Cavalier acted up I knew I couldn’t be stranded without transportation. It is still running good, but I wouldn’t try making long distance trips in it.

As Christmas draws near, it brings memories of childhood as I hear or read how others spent this special time.

Dad would go to Jr. and Bernice Adams’s store at Roxana to get a box of Red Delicious apples and a few oranges. We had no stockings for the kids. Mom would lay them out for us kids. Dad would also get a bag of mixed nuts.

Daddy would get a couple of coconuts and later he would get a hammer and drive a nail in the round spot and drain the milk into a glass then divide with us kids. Oh how I loved the taste of that fresh coconut milk. Later he would bust the coconut with the hammer. It is a good thing that when you are little you have strong teeth.

I bought a few coconuts when my children were small but they didn’t care for them, so I quit fooling with them.

We didn’t get presents from Santa Claus, but it didn’t seem to bother us children. Then when I was about seven I got a headscarf, and it broke my heart as I wanted a doll. I did get a doll when I was about eight years old. That was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, with a china head.

Wallace Lee got a wagon that Christmas, and we rode it so much that summer down a grade that the handle fell out of our hands when it hit the ground. That was the only time I remember us getting toys.

When I see all the gifts that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren get, plus all the toys they don’t even play with, my heart aches for the children who don’t get toys.

Things are a lot different now as there are all sorts of organizations that give free toys to people who need it. I have a problem when some donate things that should be thrown in the garbage and not given to a child when it is torn or broken.

It bothers me to see people so greedy as to get things when they don’t need them. This goes on a lot when there’s free food given away at holidays, then you can go to a shopping mall with a sale, and see some of the same people have money for that.

When you are in my age bracket you are lucky if you can get 15 dollars a month for food stamps.

Again I think back to growing-up years. Had it not been for Jr. Adams and J.C. Burke letting people charge groceries, there would have been many a family going hungry. Dad would charge things and pay them off at the end of the following week.

Jr. Adams, who had Amburgey’s Grocery, had other things in stock, like a small assortment of shoes, clothing, some material for sewing, along with feed for livestock.

Friday afternoon, my youngest daughter, Anna Nottingham, had a heart attack. She has no blockage which is a good thing. Anna is a certified medical assistant, so she knew what was happening, when she begin hurting through her heart with sweating and nausea.

She was like this two and half hours waiting for her husband to get off work, and was too stubborn to call me or her sisters,

Anna texted me at 10 p.m., but I didn’t get the message until one o’clock in the morning as I didn’t have my cell phone close. The rest of the night was sleepless for me.

Vicki and I went to see her and she is supposed to go home Sunday. Her blood pressure is outrageously high.

My daughter, Angie Wiederhold, is having therapy for her foot, which is very painful. Now Angie is having more problems as the doctor can’t find a pulse in her leg.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are waiting for Santa to come visit them. Ann hasn’t been doing too well as she has some kind of virus that is going around. Again please pray that Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner gets a liver transplant.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner this week as I’ve been busy then started feeling bad again.

I finally got the Christmas tree up, but not completely decorated yet.

Once again I would like to know why prisoners should have any say so about what goes on in Letcher County? Their rights should have been taken away from them when they were sent to prison. If they are so smart, what are they doing behind bars?

So until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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