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Old buildings aren’t made to last forever

Big Cowan

Hello folks. Hope everyone is well and having a good week. Sorry I didn’t have any news last week — we went to Indiana for a few days and cleaned out our storage building while there.

Had a real good visit with Chad, Amber, Becca, Kayla, Ashley, Steff and Koty, then went to Columbus and saw Bill, Agnes and Anna Maggard and Carolyn and Phyllis Fields, then off to North Vernon, Ind., to see Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Bo, Kattie, Tim, Shania and Michael Dobson, and Devon (Charles’s grandson).

Stopped by to see Shelby Bockover, but she wasn’t home, and a friend of mine, Dorothy Hardebeck — also not home.

Kayla came with us, as she is out on a two-week break from school. It was real good seeing everyone.

My friends in Charlestown called and said their 18-month-old grandson had died. Sympathy goes out to the family. Breaks my heart when someone loses a child. Just comfort in knowing that he is in heaven.

My niece, Kim (Fields) Hoskins turned 37 on Oct. 13. Happy birthday to her.

Pat King has a birthday on Oct. 17, and hope she enjoys her day.

Amber Trent and Brad Jackson will be getting married at 3 p.m., Oct. 20, at Kingdom Come State Park with reception following at Shriners. Hopefully they will have a wonderful life together.

Ann Adams will have a birthday on Oct. 21. Have a great day. Hope you and Charlie are well.

Still loving this weather, except I have had a virus ever since I got home. Stayed in bed for two days. Feeling better now, thank God .

My brother, Archie Ray Fields, is still doing well. Thanks everyone for your prayers, and he finally kicked the habit of smoking and I am so pleased with him.

My mom and dad’s old house is being torn down. Will miss seeing it, but old buildings do not last forever. I will always have my memories that our families shared there with Mom and Dad. They are both gone, but never forgotten. They were so happy when they moved back to Kentucky and built that house. Had good friends and neighbors.

We went to Wise, Va., Saturday. So nice seeing so many people out supporting coal.

One accident held traffic up a few minutes. Thought the helicopter taking pictures of the supporters was going to land on top of our car.

Well anyway, it was a beautiful day. Kayla went shopping.

Pleased to announce that my brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe is an ordained minister now. Glad to see that he and Kathy are still serving the Lord. The Lord is still blessing them.

Well, ran out of things to say. Hopefully everyone has a good week. Be good to each other, keep someone in prayer and attend the church of your choice.

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