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Old Christmas now explained


I really enjoyed Tony Blair’s recent story in The Eagle concerning Old Christmas.

My granny Virgie Stacy and Aunt Margaret Caudill always left their Christmas decorations up until after Old Christmas on Jan. 6. Margaret was a whiz at decorating with the live greenery of winter.

We tramped through the woods with her, Bonita and I, gathering hemlock, pine, holly and mountain laurel, which was tied with red ribbons around porch posts and anything else that she could make festive.

I never really knew what Old Christmas meant, and I realize after reading Tony’s explanation that it was probably something passed down through Granny’s ancestors.

I hope everyone faired all right with the sub-zero temperatures we had last week. It made you worry about people being warm, losing homes to fires, water pipes freezing, etc. It seems it is just dangerous when it’s that cold, both for humans and animals.

So happy to hear that Gillis Reddy’s problem is common and correctible with surgery, which he will have soon.

Sadness hit the Jeremiah area again with the death of Bill Maggard of Sycamore Loop. Our sympathy goes out to Wanda, Lucilla, Jeremy and the rest of Bill’s family. He hadn’t been well for quite some time, but would always seem to enjoy speaking with neighbors as they passed by as he was working around or was walking their dog.

Coman Caudill is still a patient at Whitesburg Hospital. He recently celebrated his 93rd birthday.

Mike and Verlene Eldridge both had birthdays last week, too.

The schools were closed all of last week due to the cold, ice and snow, but most all areas melted off with the warmer temperatures we had for a couple of days and the rain. Everything around our house was saturated and oozing where the ground had been frozen, and then it rained on top of that.

The river at Blackey was frozen over in many areas. It must run a little slower than Rockhouse Creek, which hasn’t frozen over as much.

Longtime Pe rki n s Branch resident Pat Bryant Ison died Jan. 11 after being in poor health for quite some time. She leaves her husband Zenith, two sons, two grandchildren, a sister Genia, and many other family and friends to mourn her passing. She was a daughter of the late George and Opal Bryant.

I seem to be too forgetful these days to write a column, or maybe I don’t talk to as many people since our weather has been bad. I did stay snowed on the hill for three days last week.

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