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Old-fashioned tent revival draws a crowd


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

We had an exciting week. We had an old-fashioned tent revival behind Rite-Aid pharmacy and we really enjoyed it. My nephew, Bro. Caleb Howard, and wife Erica sponsored it. Caleb had a big tent and chairs and Joe Pack let us use his property. All appreciated it. They all worked so hard getting it ready.

One man came from Lexington two nights. I didn’t get his name, but he was sure a good singer. We had folks from Grayson – they were great singers – and of course the evangelist, Bro. Paul Blanton, was a super great singer and also his preaching was great.

We were glad of all the churches which came – Whitesburg Holiness Church and Pastor Larry Caudill, and King’s Chapel and Pastor Frank Adams and his people who came every night. Our church, Pentecostal Faith Tabernacle and Pastor John Conn and our people came every night except our church night, Wednesday. Colson Pentecostal Church, where Bro. Josh Sturgill is the pastor, came.

We all hated for it to end. We didn’t let the bitter cold keep us away; we had some heat. We appreciated all who came together and fellowshipped.

Isom Presbyterian Church will be having a Christmas bazaar on Nov. 17. I’m sure they will have lots of beautiful things, so come and look and buy.

I enjoyed having lunch Thursday at Ponderosa with Shirley Breeding. I enjoy just being with her.

Doris Caudill Adams of Blackey, I surely enjoyed your article about the beauty of our mountains and taking it all for granted. I feel the same way. I almost thought I had written it. I wonder if I know you. I know lots of Blackey people. I lived there until I was 11 years old and have kept in touch with a lot of the people. I love Letcher County and I choose to live here the rest of my life. I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else. I don’t think I would have left for anyone.

I read where Willa Mae Boggs had fallen and got hurt. I hope she is doing OK. I got to see her a few weeks back at Carr Creek Lake.

Stanley Pack, thank you for the nice things you said about my news. I’ve always appreciated the nice things you always said about my dad, Bill Howard, and you always signed your name. I remember nice things about your dad, Ed Pack. My dad loved him; they were good friends and remember, he called my dad and asked him to stop by on his way from church on Sunday. I took him by and he gave my dad a big piece of home-cured bacon and he gave me some, too. It pleased us to death. It’s been many years ago, but I never forgot it. I think about it often.

I think you made a mistake when you said I was a few years younger than you. I’m a whole lot older than you, but it sounded good. It’s OK if you keep thinking that. I won’t complain.

I heard Emery Stidham was real sick. He was one of our little Marlowe boys. Please remember him in your prayers. I’ve always liked all the Stidham family.

Ada (Miller) King, guess who I’ve just been talking to – your sister, Anne (Miller) Vanderpool. She called me and I missed her call and called her back. I enjoyed talking to her. I can’t believe she has nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. I told her I still thought of her as a little girl. I haven’t seen her since your mother’s funeral. She said that had been 13 years. I asked about all your family. She said you were doing pretty well since your surgery and that she was on oxygen at night. She says she enjoys the Marlowe pictures. I told her to send me some. A great big hello to you and Arthur and your family.

I overheard Patty Majority will be having a birthday on Nov. 19. I didn’t hear how old she will be. You can call her and find out. If she wants you to know, she’ll tell you. She looks too young and pretty to be ashamed of her age.

My cousin, Ken Howard of Garrett, Ind., will be having one the same day. He is two days older than me. I’m glad of that or I would be the oldest Howard still living.

Jonathan “Jump” Hatton has one today (Wednesday), and his brother, Jamie Hatton, on Nov. 29. Seems like birthdays come in bunches like grapes and the older you get, the faster they seem to come.

Bobby Bates laughed when I told him all of this. That’s why I talk so much about my family, I have bragging rights. I’m proud of all of them; all of these are my grandchildren:

Dr. Kevin Hatton – If you have surgery, he’ll put you to sleep.

Rocki (Hatton) Hill – She is a counselor for foster and adopted children and their families (Employee of the Year).

Jamie Hatton and sister Angie (Hatton) Mullins – They are good lawyers and can help you, and also help get you out of trouble.

Kathy (Hatton) Nelson – She is a teacher for your children.

Jennifer (Hatton) Shaffer – She is a registered nurse to help you feel better.

Wendy (Hatton) Day – She is an accountant to help with taxes and bookkeeping.

Chris Hatton – He is an insurance agent and heating and cooling.

Jump Hatton – He is in medical school at Pikeville.

That should take care of all your needs, and then at the last, there’s my nephew, Jerome Hatton, to take care of your funeral.

Lots of my friends keep asking about all my family.

It was good talking to my sister, Joann Brown, in Indianapolis, Ind. It was her birthday.

I enjoyed going to the Ermine Center on Friday. It was good seeing everyone. The dinner was good!

My God bless all of you. Try to go to church this week if you are able. I see so many people who would love to go and aren’t able.

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