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Old friends found on Facebook

The photo of Rick and Charlene Tacket Mason was taken December 24, 2016.

The photo of Rick and Charlene Tacket Mason was taken December 24, 2016.

You know, I never would have believed that through technology such as Facebook, people could connect and talk to each other through pictures or chatting back and forth in a split second. It amazes me that friends I haven’t seen or heard from since eighth grade graduation can now be found and we can catch up on what’s been happening in our lives for the past hmmmm, let’s just say many years.

Through a picture that was posted of a group from Fleming Neon High School by Valerie Spangler, I recognized a friend of mine, Zilda Meade Henson. I had been trying to find her for many years and when I asked about her another friend of mine, Karen Quillen Hall, knew what her married name was and voila, we are now friends.

See, technology can be a good thing if it’s used the right way. Mom has also connected with many of her Marlowe friends and neighbors and loves looking at all the pictures on the Growing Up in Marlowe Camp Facebook page and reading the wonderful memories.

These babies are Lucille Tacket Graves and her first cousin Teresa Noble Pease.

These babies are Lucille Tacket Graves and her first cousin Teresa Noble Pease.


I know I have mentioned this page before but there are still lots of people that they would still like to hear from. So, if you all know any that aren’t on the page let them know about it.

Mom and I didn’t get to go the Senior Citizens Christmas get-together because we had to go to a funeral instead. Lots of our friends from there are going to spend Christmas with their families that live away from Whitesburg. We hope they enjoy their time with their loved ones and pray for safe travels. It’s good to have family to spend the holidays with.

I’m glad Jennifer and David Holbrook are here to spend this time with her dad, Charles Noble.

I guess by now it’s common knowledge that my sister and her husband, Rick and Charlene Mason, are finally calling it quits and are retiring. Friday, was Rick’s last day, and Charlene will be working another week. I know they are both looking forward to having time to just take care of their house, flower gardens and family. We are so, so happy for them.

Pictured are Toni Stidham, Ruth Brown and Jo Anne Howard Brown.

Pictured are Toni Stidham, Ruth Brown and Jo Anne Howard Brown.

Mom and I were greatly surprised with Christmas carolers the other evening. My sister, Delores, called and asked if they could come by and so all I told Mom was Delores was bringing her a surprise.

When they started pulling down in the driveway Mom said, “It’s not just Delores, it’s a whole bunch of people.” I asked, “Reckon what they want, Mom?” They came in so she could sit down and they circled around her and sang so beautifully. Thank you so much for blessing us with your Christmas songs.

One of Mom’s cousins and her children live in California. She was the one I mentioned before that had to be evacuated when the wildfires were burning two weeks or so ago. She said now they are having to have their house cleaned because of all the smoke, but at least they have a home. So, thank you all for praying for them.

Also, continue to pray for my mother-in-law, Evelyn Yonts, and my aunt, Linda Hall.

This past week we have also been in touch with a lot of Mom’s childhood friends such as Gertrude Brown Gilbert and Fleta Mae Brown, and all kinds of her nephews. She enjoyed seeing and talking to you all.

She and Gertrude confessed to some orange sneaking (not stealing, they didn’t do that) that took place when they were young girls.

Also want to wish my first cousin Teresa Pease a belated happy birthday. And you can thank me later Teresa for not telling how old you are.

We were so sorry to hear about Vonetta Lucas passing away Thursday, Dec. 21. Dad used to take us to homes around the Campbranch area many years ago for singings, and I think Vaughn and her family loved to sing almost as much as Daddy did and they were always there too. Her children are so musically talented it’s unbelievable. Listening to them play any musical instrument they pick up is amazing.

I know her family could surely use your prayers along with many others who have lost loved ones this year and will be spending their first Christmas without them.

Once again, remember my pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife Sandy. I also want to ask everyone to pray special prayers for Connie Hogg and all her family right now. Pray for their strength through all this mess.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone, and ending here as Oma would say, please try your best to attend church somewhere this Sunday and I say if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week God would want you there then, too.

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