Whitesburg KY

Old home place looks good again


Sunday before last we attended the Maggard Memorial meeting held once a year at the old church house across Pine Mountain.

The meeting is usually just a small group who come out to worship and also remember loved ones laid to rest in the very old cemetery on the hill. The meeting is usually blessed with a good, old time singing and preaching, despite the low attendance.

Our community was shocked by the sudden passing of Carrie Cornett, who suffered a heart attack during the night. She was well known and loved by many. Our deepest sympathy to her husband and children, and the rest of her family.

A small group attended the memorial at the Spring Branch Cemetery on Sunday morning. The group seems to get smaller each year, with only about 25 there this year.

Neil Caudill, his wife and brother were there this year. Mom thought she recognized them but couldn’t think of their names until Allen Whitaker introduced them.

I met a nice couple from Science Hill at my shop on Saturday. They had brought former Jeremiah resident Shirley Flannery to her 50- year class reunion at Stuart Robinson School.

Jerry and Bonita Adams’s daughter, Lyndci and her husband, William Gilliam, have bought a home in Morehead. Jerry, Bonita and Noah Campbell went down to help them start moving from Lexington to the new home.

I hope Geraldine Ison is feeling better this week. She hasn’t been up to par lately. She and Rodney have been taking it easy until she improves.

Merle Caudill of Doty Creek is doing good after having a pacemaker put in. He was out to Little Dove Church’s memorial meeting this past Sunday.

Gernie and Callie Croucher’s daughter, Janet, was here visiting during the Memorial Day weekend.

Kietzi “K.P.”, Don, Coreen Pridemore and I drove to Wheelersburg, Ohio last Wednesday to pick up a truckload of wicker furniture for my shop and to visit family.

Bill and Elva Pridemore Marshall had friends who were selling some items, and after loading up Dad’s truck with wicker we had lunch with Bill and Easy before heading home. We didn’t have time to go by Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith’s this time.

Shane and Amber Pridemore Williams’s home was the sight of a birthday cookout and cake and ice cream party to celebrate Noah Caudill’s fifth birthday. It looked like Noah, Luke, Isaiah and Derrick enjoyed themselves.

It looks good to see Aunt Mary and Linville Adams’s old home place getting cleaned up. It looks like somebody is moving into the old home. We had many a good visit sitting on that old porch with Aunt Mary, usually talking about bygone days of the Smith generations.

We are happy to hear that Toshia Taylor Fields joined church at the Defeated Creek Church this past Sunday and will be baptized soon.

This weekend will be Blair Branch Church’s meeting time. It will be the memorial for deceased members. Their names will be read Sunday morning at about 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we will have “dinner on the ground” after services.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Dexter Eldridge who passed away last week. He was one of those regular folks who have breakfast at Dairy Queen. Every time we saw him there we would chat with him and his wife, usually about church or flea marketing.

A large bear was seen in the curve at Blair Branch. Watch out, Brad and Stacie Colley, it was seen heading your way.

One last note: We are sorry to hear that Betty Bryant Kelly lost a daughter, Melissa, recently. Our sympathy to the whole family. They live in Ohio now, but Betty was from here.

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