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Old Man Winter has grip on southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

Have you taken your Christmas tree down and put away all the beautiful decorations? I still have my tree and everything else in my living room.

I am enjoying the lights and I will eventually get everything put away. I don’t have that much company and it brings me comfort just to turn the lights on and look at them.

How is the new year treating you? Did you make any resolutions? Years ago I would say I was going to lose weight, which I never kept. Now I just wish I could enjoy a meal. Whether I would lose or gain weight is the least of my worries. Although I must say I really don’t want to look like a thirsty heifer.

I get so hungry some times for a good cheeseburger that there are times I feel like giving in to temptation, but then I recall how sick I got in October after eating a few bites while attending Blackey Days. It almost sent me to Whitesburg hospital.

Winter hit the Ohio Valley area with a vengeance as the temperature has dropped below zero. Old Man Winter has a grip and is not letting go. We got about three inches of snow along with the frigid temperatures, and schools were closed. Once more there’s lots to be thankful for as at least we didn’t receive what a lot of states were in for.

Southern Ohio

I am glad I had my propane tank filled a couple of weeks ago. I am thankful Ricky Caudill has a beautiful, warm house to be comfortable in. I know Ricky misses the old homeplace as the house has stood for many years. Sometimes I wish I had a smaller house. This house used to be four rooms, now it is five rooms, and a bath, plus a large walk-in closet and wasted hallway.

My living room used to be two 9×12 rooms, but the previous owners knocked the wall out and made one huge room. Actually I have nice size rooms everywhere. When I first moved here it took me forever to get used to the bathroom being large as in the house we moved from the bathroom was so small you could barely get in and shut the door.

For a young girl who left the mountains with not much of anything to call her own, I sure have collected enough stuff over the years.

I received a phone call from Bertha Dye of Prestonsburg. It was such an enjoyable conversation as she spoke of remembering the song “The Sing Water Falls”.

It really is ironic how your brain can retain things from so many years ago, and when I walk into a room and can’t remember what I went in to get. I can remember when I first left the mountains a few things I had to get used to. The first time I heard the word salad, I thought they were meaning “sallet”, the wild greens that my mom and grandma would pick each spring.

Much to some people’s delight I was made fun of for some time. Who remembers the word ‘poke’? Used to carry your groceries from the store. Oh I wish I had a dollar every time I said that word and got laughed at. It didn’t take long for me to use the word bag.

I’ve been teased about having one leg shorter than the other from being raised in the mountains. I came back with the reply, that at least I could stand on a hill and pick berries.

Then there was the remark, “How did they get shoes on you?” My brain kicked in and I would smile and reply, “I put rocks in them, so I feel right at home.” People can be cruel with words when they think it is funny.

How many of my readers remember people using curtain stretchers when you washed your curtains? Mom never had this luxury. I recall the times when Dad and Mom rented from Minnie Whitaker at Roxana. Before Minnie washed her curtains she would set up this wooden frame with small, almost pin-like nails in it, and then stretch her curtains over it.

This was very time consuming, and would hurt your fingers when you got stuck, but it did cut down on ironing.

Several years ago somehow I ended up with a curtain stretcher, which I threw away. Now I wish I had kept it.

My husband and I left a wooden oak icebox dated 1919 in the basement of a house we moved from. It hurts to think about that now and the price they bring.

Les and Pat Wagner are getting rambling fever, and were thinking about taking a trip through the Smokies and who knows where else. The weather sort of changed their thinking as it is so bad almost everywhere.

When they head for the mountains I am thinking about saying, “Please save a small spot for me, so I can go along.” I am teasing as I really don’t like to be anywhere without transportation.

I am looking forward to warmer weather, and maybe when Sunrise Ridge plays at Hemphill Community center or Kingscreek Fire Department or locally, I will be able to head back for some entertainment.

I’m really looking forward to the square dance resuming at Carcassonne Community Center. There’s something about that place that I really love. Mike and Marcia Caudill are really active in the events that are held at the community center.

The celebration of Old Christmas had to be canceled due to bad weather. I remember Mom and Grandma talking about Jan. 6 being Old Christmas. How many ever heard the old time saying that animals would get on their knees and you could hear sounds like they were praying?

For those of you that have never had the privilege or pleasure to see Mike Caudill dressed as Santa Claus, you have really missed an opportunity as I am sure the pictures don’t do him justice. I wish it were possible I could take my greatgrandchildren to see him. The pictures will make anyone believe the phrase, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

I’ve only met one other person that put on this Santa suit that has ever really made me feel like a child. Byron Rupp owned Harrison Bakery for many years, and at Christmas Mr. Rupp would transform into Santa for the Christmas parade, then sit in a little house to welcome the children. As I am writing this, I can still feel the special feeling I would get as I stood in line with my children.

One year when my kids were little, Mr. Rupp came to our house. He was starting to get older, and climbing the steps was hard on him. That is a memory my children may forget, but I never will

I have no idea why seeing someone dressed as Santa has such a lasting effect on me, because as a child I never knew anything like this .

My computer is trying to act up, so until next time.

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