Whitesburg KY

Old man winter is on his way

I hope everyone is making preparations for winter because it will be here before you know it.

The squirrels and other critters have sure been busy of late, gathering whatever they can and stashing it for the long, cold winter ahead.

I think there is more to choose from this year. At least there are some walnuts this year. Last year the pickings were a mite slim.

I still haven’t seen any beechnuts around my place as compared to previous seasons.

A good many of the ground squirrels must not have made it through last winter because I haven’t seen a dozen total this fall.

I love to just sit and watch the critters as they go about their busy task of gathering food for winter. Sometimes they store things that will not keep long and wind up going hungry before spring, but at least they try, and that is more than a lot of humans do.

Too many humans sit on their behinds and expect their neighbors to provide for them, and many simply steal all they can get their grubby paws on.

If they had any get up and go about them, they would get out and scrounge like the critters do, instead of depending on others.

In years gone by, everyone who was physically able raised a lot of what they ate during the winter, but anymore the able-bodied are not interested in the fine art of gardening to provide food for winterå or to have for use during the summer for that matter.

Far too many individuals have become accustomed to simply running to the store for the staples needed to sustain them from day to day.

If there was no store to go to, there would really be a panic. There would be many who would simply starve rather than do an honest day’s work to get what they need.

Maybe not what they want, but what they need. Many individuals have their wants and needs all mixed up.

I guess one could say it is like giving a small child a couple of dollars to buy a toy. The child can’t understand why the money won’t buy more than what it does, and a parent is hard pressed to explain why the money won’t buy more than what it does, and why they can only spend the money one time and it is gone.

I always have a hard time explaining to my grandchildren, as I did my children, why I won’t buy fireworks. One loud bang and your money is gone. Therefore, I much prefer to spend my money on essential needs rather than on what I call foolishness.

Another essential need for winter is an alternate heat source, just in case it may be needed. It is far better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

The same holds true for food staples. A feller could get pretty hungry if he goes to the root cellar and there is nothing to be had.

And that is all from the funny farm until next time.

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