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Old Man Winter is visiting Ohio

Hello everyone!

Old Man Winter has finally come to visit the Ohio Valley area with a vengeance as bitter cold air is surrounding us at the present time. This is one time to say this visitor is not welcome.

If it were at all possible I would hibernate like the bears and not get out until next summer, may even skip spring. I think I finally understand why people move to warmer climates. It seems as if I can’t get enough clothes on my body to keep me warm. When I sit down I keep my electric blanket handy to wrap up completely.

Just thinking about homeless people who are sleeping out in this leaves me with such a forlorn feeling, then I am in such a state of mind I really don’t need to concentrate on this too much too get me down.

My brother Richie Hall is finally home from the hospital. He has a long way to go as his leg is going to take months to heal completely. At least he got in touch with a doctor who saw there was something on his hip that needed attention.

My sister-in-law Wanda found out she can drive a long distance by herself as she drove to Johnson City, Tenn., all by herself. You learn you can do a lot of things when the situations arise. Southern Ohio

Often I am asked if I am not afraid to go by myself, but I am used to it. I do like it once in a while when someone goes, but I am not afraid and I am perfectly content by myself.

I guess some could consider me a very peculiar person as I don’t mind being alone, whether traveling or at home. The same way with other things as I don’t like city life or apartments, though I love people. I like wide open spaces not crammed with houses. I wish I lived where there was no traffic, though I do enjoy the sounds of trains off in a distance.

My first choice of idea living would be in a cabin far back in the woods. My next would be overlooking the water as long as no one lived close.

I received a very pleasant telephone call from someone who grew up in my special little spot in the world, Roxana. Ralph Maggard is the son of Marion and Sophie Maggard. Ralph doesn’t remember me as he is older than I am.

I remember his sisters as I went to school with Edith and Mary, and I remember Ellen, though she was younger than me. I have spent much time playing with Mary as for some reason she was my favorite.

It was really wonderful talking to Ralph, and he was surprised that I remember him. I told him that I could still remember how tall and thin he was, though I was just a very young child. He and his wife now live in a Rutledge, Tenn., just outside of Knoxville.

Ralph remembers my dad, Clayton Hall, and my uncle, Lee Hall, and also remembers Johnny Calihan and some of his brothers. It is always a pleasure to talk to someone from Roxana.

Gwen Huff Farmer is anxiously awaiting for springtime to get here so she can get in her garden and her yard. Gwen is also very thankful that there hasn’t been very much snow in her area so far, and I can relate to that.

I talked to Shirley Wells a little on the computer and she is still taking one day at a time and tries to stay busy.

My adopted son Jon Caudill informed me it is only 65 days until spring.

There’s music at Blackey, so please check it out as 7 South and other bands play there, and Jon is part of 7 South.

My cousin Beverly Adams needs someone to sit her down and give her a good talking to as she needed to have a test done. Yes, it is a very unpleasant one, but it can be lifesaving and in her case she needs to have the procedure done.

I am using the ‘do as I say not what I do’ since I have put some things off myself. There’s a difference as my children are grown and on their own. Bev has a young son who needs her around for quite sometime.

I had to go for a sixmonth checkup for my eyes, and I was diagnosed as having migraines in my eyes! They are like silent headaches that cause colors in your vision.

I was asked if I had a headache and I told the doctor I don’t have a headache probably twice a year, that I gave headaches instead of getting them. I don’t have to go back until June.

I had my six- month checkup with the oncologist hematologist and was given a very good report as my iron and other levels are very good. I don’t have to go see her again until September.

I still have no reason for shortness of breath. I have decided to live with it or not. I am tired of running back and forth when nothing can be found.

When I read of such young people like Travis Morton and so many fighting for their lives, and other ones throwing their lives away. It is so heartbreaking.

I enjoyed a good conversation with Oma Hatton, and for once we weren’t interrupted as I ignored my caller ID. I wish I had taken the time to get acquainted with Oma years ago as I have admired and enjoyed her column in The Mountain Eagle.

Linda Hall, give me a call as someplace in my house is your telephone number.

Hello Dorothy Tackett. I hope you are still enjoying your book.

I haven’t been to see Doyle and Betty Ison for some time and it is about time I get there.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are very pleased to have their daughter Sue Wagner and her daughter Lauren from South Carolina visiting with them for a few days. Lauren has a doctor’s appointment in Cincinnati this week.

I teased Sue and said it may be cheaper in the long run to get an airplane and drop in when she pleased as it would save her driving time.

Emma Engle, I sure hope things are improving for you and Red.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall, and thanks, Mattie, for the little desk calendar.

Hello to my sister Loretta Church in Letcher Manor and to all the girls who work there and are so good to Loretta.

I am a little tired as usual, so please try to stay warm.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone, 513-367-4682.

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