Whitesburg KY

Old Man Winter is visiting

Are you ready for Old Man Winter? He made a visit to us with a little snow on the grass.

I braved the cold and went to the center anyway. It was so warm, and we had a breakfast for dinner. We had the best biscuits and gravy you could find anywhere.

We wish we could have gotten to know Gwen Whitaker a little better. She was at the center about twice with Faith Moves Mountains. She was such a nice person, and she did have a way with people. God must have needed her more than we did.

Remember Wanda, Dianne and Orville Collier in the death of Jeff Collier. Also, Mary Hubbs died. Our hearts were saddened Monday when we began to learn of these families losing their loved ones. The Bible says that God won’t let more be put on us than we can bear, but I guess it sure feels like it at times.

This weather is hard on people too, where it gets dark so early and it is so cold. But we still have to trust in the Lord.

Our prayer list includes David Maggard. They said that he had a stroke, and it has hurt his vision.

Remember our good buddy Ruby Adams, who is having surgery on her jaw. Also remember Shirley Vance, Tim Maggard, Jean Hampton, Jesse Robinson and Marie and Shelton Starr.

Our Christmas potluck party is Dec. 14. Come and bring a covered dish and a gift for whoever’s name you got. Also, bring a can of food to go out to the less fortunate.

May God bless everyone, and try to stay warm.

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