Whitesburg KY

Old Man Winter showing he’s alive and well

Northeast Ohio

Howdy, y’all. Hope this finds everyone well and staying warm. Old Man Winter has surely shown us that he’s alive and well. We haven’t had any snow to speak of, but the winds have been fierce and cold. The sun is shining, but let me tell you, there sure ain’t no heat there.

All ready for the holidays? I’m thinkin’ I’m way behind. Time is running away from me. We do have the tree up but not decorated yet, waiting for our elves to come by this weekend and do it for us. I’m still doing cards and trying to get all my gift shopping and wrapping done. We have our family Christmas on Dec. 23 and no one goes away without a small gift and some food. We had 40 stop by last year.

I want to say hello and get well soon to Red’s sister, Jean, who is in Whitesburg Hospital after suffering a stroke the first part of this week. Please say a little prayer for her that she might be home soon and that everything will be alright. Some of the family call us every day; we’ve heard from her daughter, Terri, and Charles, Nina and Francis have called.

While talking to Francis, she said they had gotten their Mountain Eagle but could not find my column. Just wanted to let everyone know I did write one. So, Phil, if it’s not there, it ain’t my fault.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna. We are still enjoying the CD’s. Madonna, did Francis get in touch with you? Seems you have another spokesperson. I’ve heard Red telling several people all about your program and how much we enjoy the music. I suppose that by now everyone knows we are their number one fans, and that was before I found out that we are related. Now you know why I had to go to the Cumberland side of the mountain to find a husband. Seems like everyone on the Whitesburg side was some kin to me.

A big hello to Darlene Pettibone, who used to write for The Mountain Eagle. I always liked to read your column and it was so good to hear from you.

I just talked to Redia. She and Billy Wayne are both well. She’s making something I have never made, Rice Crispy Treats. Bob used to make them often and I always liked eating them. One of these days!

Red has had a pretty bad week, sure hope he gets to feeling better. Georgia is having some tests, hope there is nothing seriously wrong with her. Gotta face facts, none of us is gittin’ any younger.

I haven’t done any quilting or embroidery lately, but just wait till after the holidays. I’m agonna stitch and sew like never before, and will turn the cookin’ and dustin’ over to Red. He will only find out about this plan when he reads the paper.

I have a special birthday request. Mildred Perdue would like to wish a very happy birthday to a relative, Ellen Rose Holbrook of Camden, Ohio, who will be 92 on Dec. 11. Let’s all join together and send her a card. Mine went out this morning. Her address is: Ellen Rose Holbrook, 9356 State Route 227, Camden, Ohio 45311-9544.

Just talked to good friend Joyce (Gaynell Fields) in Columbus, Ind. Want to send love, prayers, and get well wishes to her husband, Jim, her sister, Belva, and a nephew in Jenkins. The nephew crashed his bike into a tree and mangled his mouth, teeth knocked out and cemented back in, and broke a bone.

I do apologize for the missing articles. Somehow they didn’t go through and are lost in cyberspace. I have received several calls concerning the missing articles and would like to say I am sorry.

Following is news from an earlier column:

I want to send heartfelt sympathy to two grieving families, one in Letcher County and one here in Ohio. They were two young men, one in his early 30’s and the other 59. Steven Hall, son of Jerri and Doug Hall, died from the effects of a freak accident. He leaves behind him his parents, a wife and two children, plus lots of relatives and friends. Steven’s dad is cousin to sister-in-law, Georgia Sergent. Richard Burke Jr., born in Letcher County, moving to Lorain in 1956, was the son of Richard Sr. and LaRuth Burke. Mourning his passing are his wife, Linda, two sisters, Scottie and Lillian (Gomie), and numerous relatives and friends. I knew Richard; he went to Clearview High School with our sons and daughter-in law, Redia. Such a nice young man, always friendly and pleasant.

I want to say hello to two cousins in Whitesburg, Delmar Sergent and Edward Baker. Edward, it was such a nice surprise getting a call from you.

Almost forgot my other cousin, the one I just found out about. Yep! Bobby Joe Pass and I are related, which is good. I had just been considering asking Bobby and Madonna if they could maybe use another grandma, aunt or any other type of relative, and, if so, I was planning to see if they would agree to being adopted by Red and me. I consider that a great gift. I am always so pleased to hear from relatives, the ones I have known forever and the ones I have never met or even knew about. I love each and every one.

Back to the current article, now:

I also have some December birthday wishes to send. Nadine Cornett of Richmond, on Dec. 2; Phil Adams of Louisville on Dec. 5; Lorene Profitt of Romulus, Mich., on Dec. 10; Angela Hunsucker of Eolia, on Dec. 19; James Fields of Columbus, Ind., on Dec. 26; Patty Eubank of West Carrollton, Oh., on Dec. 29; and Otho Holcomb of Elyria, Oh., on Dec. 29.

I also have a couple anniversaries. Chester and Jettie of North Ridgeville, Oh., had one on the first, and Lorene and Denver Proffitt of Romulus, Mich., on the eighteenth. I know I’m late, but I do wish the best for all and for anyone else celebrating a special day.

Oops, I almost forgot our great-grandson, Damien Worcester, who has a birthday on Dec. 24.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to say but I am having a senior moment, so on that note, I will say so long till next time. Be good, be happy, and may your hearts be filled with joy and love and peace.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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