Whitesburg KY

Old, new friends meet at Louisville church

Northeast Ohio

I hope this finds all well and that you had a great week.

Thanks to two special people I had a fantastic weekend. They let me tag along with them on a trip to Louisville, where I got to spend the night with my sister and brother-in-law Jeanie and Phil Adams and got to see my niece Christy who is so good to take care of her dad and mom. I also got to be present at Antioch Church when they baked bread for their sacrament, a first for me, and also went to church Sunday and was there for the sacrament. Something I had seen many years ago but had forgotten, quite a moving experience.

Now back to the two that made all this possible. My heartfelt thanks to Steve and Joan Slone who were so gracious and took such thoughtful care of this old lady.

I got to see so many dear friends, some I have known for years and some I met for the first time when I was at Antioch Church in July. I saw Buddy and Carlene (Spencer) Carty, their son Danny, his daughter and son-in-law, Megan and Scott Little. Scott’s parents and grandparents were there but I didn’t get to meet them. I did talk with his sister, Wade Sexton and Betty (Sexton) Rather, who lived at Colson, just down the road from Indian Creek. I also saw Dottie (Kiser) Bentley, a daughter of the late Blaine and Mable Kiser (Millstone people). That Dottie sure can sing.

I met Cassandra Williams and Alexandria Whitlow from Redfox, and Cledith and Jo Ann Hall (he is brother to our dear friend, Darrell Hall, he and his wife Vivian are members at Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles). There were so many I didn’t get to talk with but I would like to say hello to all the wonderful people I met, which include Hillard Newsome (as he said “Old Man Newsome”), Louise and Karrel Addington, Melvin (Steve) and Maisie Adams (another beautiful singer), Glenda Prater, Nancy J. Wood, Geneva Thornsberry, Lois Jean Turner, Betty Thacker, Milford Prater, Marcus and Carol Huff, Wayne Sartin, Ed and Dallie Sizemore, their daughter, four grandchildren (and number five on the way), Janice Baker, Steve’s aunt Edith Morris from Indiana, Miles and Justine Prater, and I believe Wayne Sartin’s wife and children were there, (if I’m mistaken, I apologize). Her name is Angela and the children are Emma and Elijah.

I also talked with a man who belongs to Indian Creek Church in Pound, Va., and would like to have talked more but it was while everyone was eating and like us, a lot of them were leaving for home. The motel where we stay in Pound is just across from the road that leads to the church.

To the ones I didn’t mention by name I still send a big hello, just too many to get around to everyone. I do thank everyone for making me feel so welcome and so at home and also for the delicious food served. Thanks again, Steve and Joan, for making it possible to have an unforgettable weekend. You are my heroes.

Red got a call from his niece Carleta (Engle) Adams. She said she and husband Creighton and Red’s sister Mae would be here Sunday and spend a few days with us.

I called my sister Sarah Belle and she said she had bought herself another car after having hers totaled the weekend of our family picnic. A man ran a red light and really smashed the front of her car. She was one lucky lady in that all she got was a bruised knee. I’m sure she was shook up a mite.

It’s raining here as I write this. We had a lot of cold wind earlier in the week, but this morning wasn’t too bad.

I’ve been thinking about the Brown family and wondering how they are and hoping all have had a great summer. I do know most live in different states, I’m looking forward to seeing each and everyone at the Pine Mountain Grill come Memorial weekend, 2010. Stay well.

I saw Georgia and Richard and they are both doing fairly well but are not too eager for the winter weather that will soon be coming our way. I feel the same way.

Bill and Redia stopped by. They are both well and pleased with the way the store is doing now. Could be because cold weather is on the way so he’s selling lots of work coats and coveralls, plus pants and shirts (used). He buys from Cintas uniform rental company.

I just baked a batch of cupcakes and had one while it was still warm with a cup of coffee.

Howdy to all you Sergents. I hope everyone is well and I love you, and I wish the same to my Engle family.

Red just got a call from his niece Carleta and due to some serious illness in the family had to cancel their trip up. They said they just might be up later. We were looking forward to their visit.

It’s time to say so long for now, see you next week, have a good one, love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouenlge@yahoo.com.

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