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Old Radio Flyer wagon makes great flowerpot


Hello everywhere – I hope all have had a good week. The days have hot temperatures and the evenings cool down to be perfect. It’s wonderful.

I have put hanging baskets of flowers in the trees around the house and yard. It looks so good. I have an old Radio Flyer wagon that I filled with dirt and in which planted flowers. It’s my favorite planter so far. I also have an old tricycle that I will be attaching a flowerpot to the seat and flowerpots to the back of the tricycle. I think it’ll look great.

My brother, John Campbell, has a new deck. It’s really cool. We are all sitting there daily.

Our cousins from Tinsley, Mississippi left on Thursday. Before they left, Shirley Harris looked out the window and saw a mountain lion running across the field. The dogs could smell it and were looking for it. Mike and John have heard the mountain lion before but haven’t seen it.

Mike and I ate lunch at Holcomb’s Dairy in Isom. Their hotdogs and milkshakes are great. Another day we ate lunch at Paco’s in Jenkins. That was our first visit to Paco’s and we enjoyed being there.

I saw a post on Facebook that said, “There are only 940 Saturdays between birth and when they leave for college. Use them wisely”. It’s something to think about.

Congratulations to Nicholas Walker, who is a 2020 graduate of Leslie County High School. His parents are Nick and Stephanie Walker. His grandparents are Jim and Helen Caudill. Here’s to a wonderful future.

Congratulations to Callie Akers as she just finished her first week of Governor’s School She was accepted to the 2020 Governor’s School for the Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage. She should have spent this month living in the dorms at ETSU (East Tennessee State University) while completing the program, but due to COVID-19 the program has been moved online. Callie is the daughter of Tori and Rusy Akers of Talbot, Tennessee. She is the granddaughter of John and Barbara Banks of Cowan.

Susan, Waldo, and Joe Stamper of Lexington came in to work on their place. I enjoyed sitting on their deck as it’s a great view of everyplace around. Aunt Susan brought more flowers for me. I’ve been planting them in random places so I’ll be surprised in the spring.

Myles Marr of Berea celebrated his 13th birthday on Laurel Lake. He was with his family and a friend on a pontoon boat. It sounded like all had a great time.

Mike and I took a drive across Little Shepherd Trail one evening. It was a nice drive. There were a few cars on the trail but it wasn’t busy. The only animal we saw was a big squirrel.

The not being able to go anywhere got to me one day this past week. I didn’t have anyplace I wanted to go but knowing we shouldn’t go anywhere made it rough. I think the trip across the trail helped.

I made plans for the Wenning Family Camping Trip this past week. We’ll be going to Deer Creek State Park in Ohio for a weekend in October. I’m looking forward to that trip. It felt good to write something down on my calendar. I’ve even started making my lists for that trip, which is a season away.

Once again I wrote letters to all of my nieces and nephews. That was 11 letters. At this time we have six great-nieces and four great-nephews with three on the way. The July one is a surprise, the September one is a boy, and the October one is a girl. It’s good to have the family increase in size.

Johnola Wyatt of Seymour, Indiana passed away on May 30, 2020. She was 90 years old. Johnola was born in Whitesburg to the late John and Alice Gilley Day. She is survived by her sons, Charles (Linda) Wyatt, Jesse (Louann) Wyatt, John (Sandy) Wyatt, and James “Tip” Wyatt, and one daughter, Deborah Stover. She is surved by a daughter in-law, Barbara Wyatt, and a son-in-law, Floyd Thompson. She had sixteen grandchildren, twenty-nine great-grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren. Services were held at Valley Home Old Regular Baptist Church, Seymour, Indiana.

David Slone of Neon passed away on June 2, 2020 at the age of 63. He is survived by his children, April (Will) Ashley, Tine (Carl) Short, David (Tosha) Slone, and Shawn Breeding. He is also survived by his mother, Nola Mae Slone; grandchildren, Amy, Brett, Brandon, Kim, Katie, Justin, and Preston; great-grandchildren, Aubrey and Baylee; brothers, Randall Slone, Lloyd Slone, Roger Slone, and Jeff Slone; along with his sister Carla Smith. Services were held June 6, 2020 with burial at the Slone family cemetery at Redfox.

I received a scam email last week. It was from the Maureen Hinckly Foundation, which wanted to donate $500,500.00 to me. Scammers are everywhere so be careful.

This week’s quote is attributed to Kakmand Kojouri: “Two things are needed to raise awareness: education and love.”

Please send any news to CowanNews@aol.com.

Thanks. Have a wonderful week and stay healthy.

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