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Old-time Memorial Day was May 30

Southern Ohio

GARDENER — O’Dell Sloane of Hollansburg, Ohio, displays white cucumbers and plum grannies, a type of melon, grown in his garden.

GARDENER — O’Dell Sloane of Hollansburg, Ohio, displays white cucumbers and plum grannies, a type of melon, grown in his garden.

Hello again everyone

I am still wondering what month are we living in as it sure is chilly in the Ohio Valley area. As I can’t seem to get warm I have turned the furnace back on for a while.

Oh, I just happened to remember when I was a child we lived on Vernon Hogg’s property between Hot Spot and Roxana. Mom had closed the heating stove up for the summer. What I mean by that is she had stuffed rags around the stovepipes to keep the soot from falling. This was early June and I was so cold that while she was gone to the barn to milk the cow, I built a fire in the stove.

When Mom looked she thought the house had caught fire, and it was a wonder it didn’t. I was about eight years old.

For some reason I awoke with strange thoughts running rampant through my head. I grew up in a home where both parents smoked, yet I don’t ever remember the house smelling of tobacco nor the furniture nor windows or anything colored with a yellow film. I know this is a silly thing to wake up thinking and I don’t smoke.

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day. I seem to recall as a child back in the mountains that May 30 was always Decoration Day, as it was called by Mom and Grandma.

I finally spent some time at Doyle and Betty Ison’s and while there Betty and I were talking about how things have changed in the mountains since our growing-up years.

Betty recalls people decorating the graves May 30. Oh, I know someone will correct me.

While recalling childhood memories, how many remember your mom or grandma using something called blueing to whiten clothes when doing laundry?

I can recall Mom putting this in the tub of rinse water and while she would be doing something else, I have sneaked and poured a little more in the water to make it a darker blue.

Mom used to lay the stained pieces on the grass as she said the grass and sun helped take the stains out.

Please remember the family of Bill and Betty Kelly in your prayers as their daughter Melissa Shultz isn’t doing very well. My heart goes out to the whole family.

This has been a rough few days for me as my brother Richie would have celebrated his birthday May 26, so to forget my heartaches I called Betty Kelly to talk to her for a little bit. The song ‘Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine’ came into my thoughts.

Belated happy birthday to Mark Roark, who is the second best-looking man on Ingram’s Creek as Bruce Jones is the first since Richie isn’t there.

Mark and Richie shared the same birth date.

Happy birthday to Richie and Wanda’s daughter, Crystal, on May 28, who lives in Hamilton, Oh .

This is one birthday of mine that I will be glad when it is over. My daughter Anna Nottingham, along with her husband Scott and little boss Kyle, came to visit me. Anna brought me a birthday card, and I got lots of kisses and hugs from Kyle.

Kyle is so cute as he kisses me then looks at Anna and says, “Ha, ha, Mommy.”

Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn were visiting their papaw.

Gwen Huff Farmer was having some of her family for the weekend. I am sure she had a lot of fun.

Shirley Wells and her sister Minnie went to Indianapolis to visit their cousin and to decorate some cemeteries.

I thought about going to meet Shirley and then decided I didn’t want to crash someone’s family gettogether, not that I haven’t been guilty of that before.

I talked to Johnny Calihan and no wonder I haven’t gotten to talk to Ann. She sure has been on the go.

Ann spent some time with their daughter Sue Wagner and her family in South Carolina, then Johnny joined her for a visit. Now she has been in Colorado with her daughter Carol for a week.

Oh you wait until next week as I want all the details of the fun things she has done. Oh yes, inquiring minds want to know!

Happy birthday to my brother Jerry Hall June 3. I talked to Jerry and Mattie Hall and they are both doing well.

It is so hard not to say hello to my sister Loretta Church at Letcher Manor.

For those in this area, don’t forget on June 7 and 8, the Happy Valley Bluegrass Festival that will feature Rural Route 2 Bluegrass band on Saturday. I don’t have any schedule on this event, but I am looking forward to it.

This has been one time that I’ve almost had to nail my feet to the floor to keep from heading to the mountains, but I really hate to travel on the busy holidays.

Les and Pat Wagner along with Larry and Rebecca Hasty spent several days in the mountains. I did say I was going to be at the forks of the road hitchhiking, oh no, that was someone else I said that statement too.

Thanks to all for the birthday cards.

My daughter Kay Gray got me two beautiful plants for Mother’s Day. My son Keith planted them for me. He tried to call me and I was asleep, so he picked a spot himself.

Well, it is getting late so once again I will say, until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio, 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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