Whitesburg KY

Old-time music performed at historic church

Hello once again!

Same old story just a different week. The temperature hasn’t been extremely outrageous today. I managed to sit on the front porch for a bit this morning in the coolness of the fresh morning air until the traffic started getting heavy.

I received a phone call so I sat on the back deck and it was so peaceful until the sun decided to come in with full force. I don’t have an umbrella or table there, so the sun won out and I came in the house.

Saturday afternoon, Vicki Power and I took a trip to Dillsboro, Ind., and I must say it was really refreshing just to get out of the house. I was able to do the driving, and we stopped at McDonald’s for sweet tea. That is one way I can get some liquid down.

Vicki and I used to take long rides in the country often, but since I have been sick I haven’t felt like doing anything. I am on a new medication that is supposed to help with digestion, and it seems to be helping as I’ve not been violently ill for over a week now. I still can’t eat solid foods.

At least I am able to drink Ensure and it is staying down. I had one bout of being sick then it subsided.

I’ve made it over three weeks since I’ve been to the ER for fluid as I have been able to keep liquids down. I’ve also gained four pounds since I came from the mountains.

Monday, I go to see a specialist in Indianapolis to see what he can do. My daughter Anna Nottingham is going to take me. I was going to drive myself and she said no, that she wanted to go with me.

To be honest it is such a huge place that I am going, if my sugar dropped as it does sometimes and I became confused in my thinking, well I may never find my way.

That is what really concerned me when I drove to the mountains a couple of weeks ago. I made sure I had some hard candy that I could grab if I needed it, and made sure I had Gatorade and Boost to help me.

I am thankful I had no problems traveling either way. Of course Ricky Caudill was a very good chauffeur. I am not someone who lets others drive my car very much. Ricky teases me because I sit on two cushions to be able to see over the hood.

Oh how my brother Richie Hall use to tease me for being so little. Those who remember our mom know she wasn’t very big either.

Sunday afternoon, our friends Warren and Judy and friends were playing at a historic church in a beautiful setting outside of Riley. Vicki and I decided to go listen, and it was wonderful to sit and listen to old-time music and feel the cool breeze caressing your face.

As the sun started shining through, it got sort of uncomfortable so we had to shift places to sit. It was such a relaxing two hours, and I hated to see it end.

Vicki’s brother got on his cell phone, found there was a Hardees’s restaurant in Connersville, Ind., which is about 45 miles away. We decided to go there to get my daughter Angie, and my little sidekick Bennie a couple of mushroom burgers. Bennie will eat a whole sandwich.

Les and Pat Wagner went to Haddix Hall, next to Hunters Pizzeria to listen to Tony Hale and Black Water Band. I haven’t been there for some time, though Tony was kind enough to play a favorite song of mine, so he dedicated it to me even though I wasn’t able to be there. I hope I can go see this band before too long, and to spend sometime with Les and Pat.

Friday night, Tony & Black Water played at the Coon Hunters club, where I used to go. I haven’t been there in over three years, and I was really tempted to go. I decided I better not try it.

I did touch base with Doyle and Betty Ison, and they are still perking along, just at a slower pace.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are trying to stay cool. Ann is still having trouble with her back.

Southern Ohio

Bluegrass music lost another legend as Melvin Goins dieed this week while touring in Canada. I think Melvin was in his 80’s. I met him years ago. He never seemed to tire of performing.

One night as I watching a music show, it started me thinking how many wonderful country and bluegrass artists we have lost in the past few years.

I haven’t met very many country artists, but I sure can say through bluegrass music I’ve had the pleasure of meeting famous and local artists that are just as good as the famous ones.

I am so proud of Sunrise Ridge Band. Shawn Stamper has been such a mentor for the young group in the band.

Lee Sexton is someone I admire very much, and he was such an inspiration for my cousin Jack Adams.

Betty Kelly has been spending time in the kitchen as she had company for dinner. Her son Barry Brown teases that his mom can’t cook, yet he keeps coming back for more. If I ever get to where I can eat, I am going to Betty’s when she makes cabbage rolls.

Ricky Caudill decided to cook Sunday dinner and he was mean enough to post a picture on the computer. It really looked delicious. He invited Valerie and her son Beau Crawford to dinner. I’m sure all had a good time.

Please mark your calendar for Letcher County/ Kentucky picnic at Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio 45030, at the big shelter behind the center, on Sept. 24, from 12-? Bring a covered dish and a beverage.

I hope this time someone will remember to turn the electricity on.

Well it has been a long tiring day and I am winding down, so until next time.

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