Whitesburg KY

Old-timers didn’t plant until after Mother’s Day


Just a short column this week since I’m being a little lazy. Lots of folks are getting busy planting their gardens with the early vegetables that cool weather won’t hurt. I hope the cold spell that we had this past week didn’t do a whole lot of damage to the vegetables and fruit trees. Most old-timers didn’t plant tender plants until after May 10 or Mother’s Day. The weather has changed since years ago but we still seem to have a cold snap or two until May.

We were sorry to learn of Clayton Shepherd’s brother, Troy, dying. He was married to the late Lois Breeding. Our sympathy goes out to Clayton and his family.

Also, Venson Breeding, who lived at the mouth of Adams Branch, died Saturday. Our sympathy to his family also.

There will be a Relay for Life auction and chili supper at the Doermann Blackey Presbyterian Church on April 25. It will begin at 5:00 with the chili supper which will run to 6:00 and then the auction will begin. Everyone is welcome to come and support the Relay for Life fundraiser.

Get well wishes to Virgil Combs, Opal Jent, Lucy Blair and George M. Adams Jr. and others who have been having health problems lately.

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