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Ole Man Winter is back

Northeast Ohio

He’s here!!! And I do mean the one who can with one big whoosh make one shake and shiver. Yep, I’ma talking ’bout Ole Man Winter. He just absolutely refuses to be ignored. Today he has presented us with just about all he has to offer but saving the worst till a later date. We’ve had low, low temperatures, cold, cold winds and snow off and on. I can pretty well handle anything he throws our way except the cold winds. Seem to go right through a person. Oh well, I have made up my feeble mind that I ain’t agonna let the winter get me down.

Howdy y’all, and how was your week? Seems I was been busy all week. Course I can stay busy and still don’t seem to accomplish very much. I work at a snail’s pace.

By the time some of you will be reading this Thanksgiving will be over and some will probably read it the day before. Do hope everyone had a blessed day and also hope you didn’t eat too much (that’s my problem).

I talked to baby brother Ron. He said both he and Johnell were doing well. Guess they are having a big Thanksgiving dinner with lots of family. Ron told me something I really did not want to hear. Wanta know what it was? They are planning a two-week vacation to Hawaii in February. Hope they think about all us poor freezing folk back home and will feel just a smidgen of guilt. To be truthful, I hope they have a fun-filled vacation and return home with a tan. If they want they can send me a bit of sand and sunshine.

We still have no Thanksgiving plans. I might break down and cook somethin’. If one doesn’t cook there’s no leftovers, and I like leftovers. Let’s face it, I like food.

Red’s nephew, James Wesley Muncy, is doing some better now. We haven’t heard anything the past couple of days so we don’t know if he’s still in a Lexington hospital or if he got to come home.

Red’s sister, Jean Hunsucker, had an early Thanksgiving. One of her granddaughters, her husband and brand new baby boy (born September 25) were in from New York and had to leave. So last Sunday Jean had all her family and some of her brothers and sisters there. I know they had a most delicious meal, cause I have eaten many good meals at her house.

Got two most interesting letters, one from Don and Ava Blair in Williamsburg, Ohio, and one from a cousin just recently discovered, Gerri Cossins in Batavia, Ohio. I do love to get letters, only thing is, I can’t seem to keep up (snailing). Also heard from a cousin, Bill in North Carolina, and cousin Eva Dale Douglas in Sacramento, Calif. Thank you, Eva Dale, for giving me a good laugh.

Howdy to all my co-writers, Oma, Gladys, Rose and all the rest. I read every word and I also read Jim Cornett and Relon Hampton.

Red had a bad morning. I had an early appointment and when I left he was lying on the couch. When I got home he was at the sink, mopping up after a really bad nose bleed. He looked terrible but was better or pretended to be this afternoon. I’m still jist a’pluggin along. My biggest complaint is tiredness or truth to tell just plain laziness. Ain’t no cure for that.

A big ole howdy to Thelma (Campbell) Watts in Kingsport, Tenn., and to her daughter Mildred and to my little pals, twins Brooke and Bailey, Abby, Riley and Isaac. Hope all are well and wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

I have talked to both Jettie and Georgia and both said they and Chester and Richard air fair ter middlin’. Richard’s two, Debbie and Ricky, are married to brother and sister Billy and Joyce Resor and they are all getting together at their church fellowship hall for Thanksgiving dinner. Chester and Jettie will have some of their family at their house.

Seems like my quilting has been put on hold for the duration. I really need to get busy and get more finished.

Red’s niece, Carleta (Engle) Adams, just called and said his sister Jean is in Whitesburg Hospital but that’s about all she could tell us, hasn’t been able to get hold of any family member. I just hope and pray it isn’t anything too serious. Red just talked to Jean’s son, Gary, and he said they think she went into insulin shock. She is still in hospital.

Now my brain has decided to take a break so guess I will also. Till next we meet, same time, same place. Y’all have a goodun, stay well, be happy and may your days be filled with love and peace.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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