Whitesburg KY

Oma Hatton celebrates birthday


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I can’t believe it’s time to write again. Where has the time gone?

I know, it’s because I have been enjoying myself. I’ve been having a great birthday all week long. I thank all of my friends and family for all the calls and cards I’ve been getting. It’s not that bad getting older.

I really appreciate my friend Dorthy Tacket. I told her this morning she was one of my oldest and dearest friends. We go back to our grade school days at Marlowe and always keep in touch and talk often.

I sure enjoyed having my son Rob from Owensboro from Tuesday till Friday and I’m missing him now.

We got to see a lot of the family this time. Eight of us Howards got together at Pine Mountain Grill on Thursday, Rob and I, Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock, Joann Brown of Indiana, Betty Tyree, John Howard and Jack Howard. The next day we met at the same place. We saw Brenda and Charles Howard, James Pennington, Wendy and Kevin Day and Larry Kevin plus a lot of friends. Rob, Billy Hatton and I enjoyed that a lot.

It was good getting a call from my granddaughters, Kathy Nelson of Alabama and Rocki Hill of Lexington.

The weather has been great but today it’s been raining and is supposed to get colder, but it’s almost the end of November.

This week will be Thanksgiving. I always love that. I think every day should be Thanksgiving, but seems like lately we go out of Halloween right into Christmas and Thanksgiving gets left out. I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving for all of you and hope your families all get together and hope the weather will be good for all those traveling.

My son Astor “Red” Hatton in Georgetown, I think will be having two Thanksgivings— Thursday and Sunday. That’s good. Can’t have too many. Try not to overeat!

Our cousin Betty Jo Hatton of Tennessee, visited with Louise Shepherd. They will be having a gettogether with Betty Jo’s aunt Hazel Hart and all her family in Whitco. Hazel will love that. She has not been feeling well for a while. I hope she is feeling better. We all love Hazel.

If Charles D. Dixon reads this, I want him to know how much I love his book of Blackey and Carcassonne. I lived 11 years of my life down there. I was born there in 1930 and I went to the 1999 reunion on Elk Creek and have some of the pictures I made there of the big potbellied pig in the yard. Charles’s dad was my second-grade teacher at Carcassonne, and also Tommy Combs on Elk Creek was one of my teachers. I knew a lot of the people you wrote about. All of the Wash Bates family and I sat up till 12:30 that night looking at the book. I met Charles one day at Letcher Manor when I visited his dad, Dennis Dixon.

My sister Louise Shepherd had a doctor’s appointment in Lexington and we are all so glad she got a good report. She’s had a lot of health problems. She’s expecting to have all her family for Thanksgiving.

My sister Joann Brown and her husband Donald have been in for the funeral of his brother Archie Brown’s wife Dorothy Brown. Our sympathy goes out to all the family.

It was so good hearing from a cousin of mine, Jack Kelson Cox, son of the late Mae and Jack Cox of Whitesburg. Jack K. is living in Kingsport and is doing missionary work in lots of different counties. I’m so proud of him. His parents sure would be also.

I hope Christine Fields’s husband is doing better. I read where he was having problems. Judy Fields said he wasn’t doing well.

I want to tell Carrie Baker and her family of Goose Creek in Neon how much I enjoyed their early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. The best food in the world and the most beautiful home and I loved all the family. Thanks for inviting me and Sandra and Billy.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week if you are able and the weather doesn’t get too bad.

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