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Oma Hatton enjoys visit with sons


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I have had a great week! My son, Astor ‘Red’ took me home with him to Georgetown, and I sure had a good time with him and his wife, Rosemary. They sure treat you good. I may just go back sometime. Just joking. I know I will.

My son Rob and Gaby came from Owensboro and visited with us. We enjoyed that very much, and also his daughter Rocki and her husband Matt Hill, and their two children Elise and Daniel.

They certainly entertained us one evening. It was Elise’s fourth birthday. She sure had learned a lot, singing and dancing and having a good time.

Daniel is two years old, and they are beautiful children. All my children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren are beautiful or handsome one.

I wouldn’t brag, would I? I have a fine family.

My son Bill and wife Sandra left for a vacation. They always have a good time. Astor and Rosemary are going on their vacation next week. They always have a good time, too.

Bill and Sandra and I had lunch at Pine Mountain Grill last Friday. It was so good seeing Effie (Dixon) Hatton and her little granddaughter there.

Her mother Lettie Dixon and I were best friends at Marlowe a long time ago. She died a long time ago. I try to keep in touch with my old Marlowe friends as much as I can. Effie ended up marrying our cousin, Charles Hatton. They are scattered all over the place. I told Dan Combs and he and I were the only ones who stayed, and then he moved, but he didn’t go far, just to Whitesburg. His house is still here and I can see it from my house. It’s a beautiful house.

I think his children come in sometimes, and they love to stay there.

We are all getting ready for our Howard family reunion on May 25. Some of the family are not going to be able to make it. That’s understandable, but we will miss them.

I was glad to see Emma Lou Engle’s news. I always look for it. She still isn’t doing too well. I hope she’s feeling better.

Rose Ballard, you asked if anyone remembered the crepe paper flowers. I helped my mom make them. It was a tiresome job and when it rained, that was the end of them. But on Memorial Day those were about the only ones you saw.

I think they finally started putting wax on them, and they lasted a little longer. That was so long ago! I love the old memories!

We have had so many deaths here lately. Our sympathy goes out to them.

Clodene (Brown) Sturgill, I have lost your address and phone number, and also the book I had them in. I hope you and your family are doing well. I haven’t seen any of your family lately.

Our sister, Judy Greene of Tennessee, had a birthday May 20. Happy birthday, little sister! They seem to come so fast as you get older. When you were young they seem to be a long time apart, and you couldn’t hardly wait for it. Not anymore!

I’m looking forward to Sunday School and church on Sunday. I was away and missed last week. I haven’t had a chance to see my sister in-law Jenetta Howard, and I sure hope she is doing better and about through with her rehab.

I did hear that her family took her to the Mexican restaurant a few days ago. I’m sure that pleased her. She loves Mexican food. It’s real good.

Our church had a singing on Saturday. We have some real good singers: my brother, Bobby Ray Howard and his son Caleb, and his daughter Gabrielle Adams all sang, and many more.

We are proud of our singers and our preachers, and all our people, Jennifer Absher our song leader, and Amy Orouke and so many I should not have started calling names.

I didn’t get to go and I’m sorry I missed it. I certainly love and appreciate all of you.

Eli Hatton, a son of Julie and Jamie Hatton, had a birthday party on Sunday. He is so cute!

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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