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Oma Hatton hospitalized with flu

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I hope you still remember me.

I have been sick with the flu and bronchitis that lasted three weeks for me, and I have been in the hospital three days. I got out on Friday. Some of my news will be late.

I enjoyed talking to Kathy Profitt a few days back. She is Doug Profitt’s wife in Ashland.

I also had a talk with Thelma Banks. It had been some time since we talked. I enjoy talking with my friends.

I attended the funeral of a good friend, Irene Hicks. There was a large crowd there. Our sympathy goes out to her family.

Eva Sergent of Lexington called to tell me that her nephew, Nolan Adams, had died. He was the son of the late Andrew Adams and Henrietta Adams, who worked for many years at Dawahare’s in Whitesburg.

I sure appreciated all the calls and visits while I was in the hospital. Ruth Mullins and Margaret Enfusse, I really enjoyed your visits. I visited with Roland Brown, who was a patient there, and then he visited me. We have been friends since Marlowe days.

My family was also good to call often and visit. It’s sure good to be home. I had so many calls on my caller I.D., Dorothy Tackett, Bertha Dye. I’ll try to get back to them. Whitesburg

My son Rob of Owensboro is going to Lexington to celebrate his son-in-law Matt Hill’s birthday, and to visit with his children and grandchildren.

I’m expecting my son Astor and his wife in this weekend, and I look forward to that. They don’t get to come in often because of their jobs, but we talk often.

I appreciate so much all the people who called and told me they missed my news. They didn’t know where I was.

My sister Betty Tyree came out and we had a good visit. I’ve had to miss so many things, like Tim Hooper’s wedding that I had looked forward to. He’s in the service and has made so many trips in combat. I’ve known him and his family all of their lives.

I appreciate all the visits my pastor Bro. John Conn made to me.

I’m getting a little arthritis in my right hand and it makes it kind of hard to write, but I love keeping in touch with all of my friends, old and new.

Dorothy Tackett said her brother, Hugh Watson Pennington, had really missed my news. A bit special hello to you, Hugh!

This is such a pretty time of the year with all the pretty flowers and trees, such pretty colors. I hope they don’t get frozen out.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. I’ve had to miss church, and now that I’m feeling better I can’t wait to see everyone. We have a great church!

I guess all of you have started your gardens. Roland Brown said that he had his peas planted.

I appreciated my granddaughter Wendy and her son, Larry Kevin Day, visiting me at the hospital, bringing me a pretty card and a box of delicious candy.

I was so glad to get a call from my good friend at church, Sister Kathy Miller of Perry County. She sits in front of me at church and is always there if she doesn’t have sickness in her family. She’s a special lady and so is her husband Larry special, and her daughter Christa.

I was running out of food and went down to Food City. I saw Wanda Tyree there and she was real worried about her sister. I hope she is doing better.

I also saw David Trent. He was looking good and of course I saw Shannon Banks, busy as usual.

I talked to my friend, Roberta Willie in Roanoke, Va., and she’s doing pretty well. She enjoyed having her brother Roland and wife Ruth over for the weekend.

There are so many people sick with the flu, and it keeps hanging on. My flu lasted three weeks, and I was sure getting tired of it and it sure wore me down. I hope everyone else is over it. I took the shot, but got it anyway.

It’s been a pretty sunshiny day, but it’s still kind of cold. I’m really ready for springtime. We’ve got some more little winters to come. Maybe by Easter they will be over. Hopefully I’ll be out and about next week to round up some news.

I see I am rambling so it’s time to quit. I don’t like to bore you. Send me your news if you have some and also some pictures. People really like the old pictures, and I’m sure you all have some.

May God bless you, try to be in church somewhere this week. I’ve had to miss some.

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