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Oma Hatton welcomes Memorial Day visitors



AT PLAY – “Two little kids playing with their toys,” says Whitesburg correspondent Oma Hall. Her son, Robert Hatton, is pushing the toy tractor holding his grandson, Will Hatton.

Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. I’m enjoying this nice weather and it was good hearing the hard rain on Friday night. I like it when it rains at night and the sun shines the next day.

I was glad to see my son, Rob, and his children, Dr. Kevin Hatton and his daughter Rocki Hill and her husband Matt Hill of Lexington, on Saturday. We all had a nice lunch at Pine Mountain Grill after they had visited the cemeteries.

While there, I was pleased to see Emma Lou Engle of Ohio and her sister, Anna Lea Goins, and as usual they looked like models. We could really be close friends if we lived closer. I don’t know why she had to move so far away. It was really nice seeing them.

We also saw James Pennington and Ken Miles and my brother, Jack Howard, and wife Donna. The rest of the people were strangers who I supposed were here for Memorial Day.

I want to wish Kevin Day a belated happy birthday. Poor little thing turned the big 40. I can barely remember when I turned 40, it seems so long ago. I think Merlene and Doyle and the rest of the family had a big birthday dinner for him. I didn’t get to go. I’m sure they all enjoyed it.

I enjoyed meeting Preston, the nine-year-old boy Wendy and Kevin are adopting. He is real cute and he will be lucky to have Wendy and Kevin and Rocky and Larry as his family and he will have some great grandparents.

I had a nice week. I had visitors from Columbus, Ind., Betty Asher, the daughter of my late neighbor, Beulah Hall, who as a good friend for a long time, and also Novak Banks, who is Beulah’s sister. We’ve not done much of anything, just visiting and talking and eating. It’s been relaxing, sitting on the porch and watching my little goats play. Novak got to visit some friends, Bobby and Georgia Phillips, Irene Day, Loreva Fields, and Lovel Sturgill. She enjoyed that.

I think June is going to be a busy month – the wedding of Jump Hatton, the baby shower for my friend Roberta’s niece, and Clyde’s birthday get-together at the Veterans Center. So I should have a lot to write about later. I haven’t been out and about much this week, just enjoying my company.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center by Lizzie M. Wright:

“The Ermine senior citizens had their potluck dinner May 22. They also celebrated Memorial Day, remember our soldiers by displaying pictures of our loved ones. We had special singers, Parnell Adams and his two sons, Chase and Crez, from Craft’s Colly. They played music and sang some beautiful songs. We really appreciated them coming out and singing for us.

“Also, Brandy came from the health department and called bingo for us. She brought the gifts to be given away. Thanks, Brandy, for coming.

“Our County Judge Jim Ward, our own Sheriff Danny Webb and Eugene Slone and our Magistrate Codell Gibson also came to celebrate with us. Rhuford Hart gave us a good talk about our soldiers and country before he led us in prayer.

“We gave away lots of nice door prizes. Messenger Florist gave us a beautiful table arrangement for the main door prize. Thanks, Sue, we appreciate you and Ron very much. Evelyn Caudill won it.

“Thanks to our Site Manager Debbie Slone, Mark and Michelle for the beautiful job they did in decorating our center for the occasion. It was in red, white and blue. Thanks again, you guys. Debbie, we really appreciate all the things you do for us.

“If you are a senior citizen and would like to be a part of our center, please come and join us. We really would like to have you. We have lots of fun, play games, take trips, and quilt. So come on and see what’s going on.

“God bless until next time.”

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