Whitesburg KY

On charter schools and miner pensions

I want to res-pond to recent good articles in your paper.

As the son-in-law of a 92-yearold widow who has received a United Mine Worker’s pension and medical card as well as Black Lung Social Security benefits, I applaud our new State Representative Angie Hatton for leading the successful fight for Kentucky House Resolution 136, urging Congress to adopt quickly U.S. Senate Bill 175, the Retired Coal Miner’s Protection Act, co-sponsored by the West Virginia Democratic and Republican U.S. Senators, supported by the Democratic and Republican U.S. Senators from Ohio, and by our good Republican Congressman Hal Roberts, but not by our two Republican U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, supposedly “Friends of Coal,” but apparently not of our retired coalminers or their widows.

I urge everyone to plead with our good, powerful Congressman Rogers and our powerful but not so good Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Maverick Senator Paul (an opponent of both Obama Care and the inadequate Republican Ryan-Trump Care) to support the quick passage of U.S. Senate Bill 175 before federal protection of retired coalminers’ and their widows’ pensions and medical insurance expires next month.

My thanks also go to new State Representative Angie Hatton, old State Senator Jonnie Ray Turner, and our new Letcher School Superintendant (and my former student) Tony Sergent, for unsuccessfully opposing Kentucky Charter School legislation that would take tax money and students from our good public schools serving our needy students, including my four Henrikson grandchildren.

In my opinion charter schools and home schools can easily be a sham and a shame. We all need to work together for better public schools.


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