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Partly sunny

One crate of oranges is enough for whole family


Now that Ho Ho Ho has returned to the North Pole, just maybe things will get back to normal.

B.F. Caudill is not doing too well. I hope and pray if it could be God’s will, he could be lifted up. He has been real sick for some time. We never know what we will have to go through, but God knows why. He does not do this to punish anyone, this is just part of God’s great plan.

Ben has been in to be with him. His children are good to help. Our prayers go out for the family, but they are so faithful to stay with him.

I hope every child’s eyes lit up this Christmas. Many were blessed to have many presents. Many were not and were very disappointed, I am sure, though as many as loved their family and could afford it had a good Christmas. A child cannot understand why Santa passed them by. Most of all, I hope they all had a good Christmas dinner.

We have a grand-nephew in Ft. Pierce, Fla. He sent us a crate of oranges, enough for our whole family. We appreciated them very much. So with fruit we were well supplied.

We want to thank everyone for all the beautiful cards. They were so pretty. They all sent religious cards. At Christmas you know how many friends you still have. Of course many have passed away in the past year.

Many people have traveled many miles to be with their families at Christmas. This is what Christmas is all about. Love the Lord with all your heart and the love of family comes naturally.

Ben Caudill brought me a Christmas cactus plant for Christmas. I reckon everybody knows how much I love flowers.

Lovel Day went over to her home Christmas Eve day. Her children or some were in. She was so glad to do this. She had put up her tree at home.

Harding Ison came by for a little while. He is doing very well, like the rest just getting older. Used to, people that were old as we are now we considered them real old, but life is just as sweet at any age.

Orlena Banks, I am sure, had a good Christmas. I believe she is 99 years old now. Her son, Delzie, stays with her. All her family are good to her. I hope she can be around another Christmas. We love her.

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and good health.

God bless us all together one time more.

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