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One of the most decorated men in the U.S. Air Force

General Frank Alton Armstrong was my boss who served from 1928 to 1962, and was the inspiration for the main character in the film, “Twelve O’Clock High.”

Brigadier General Frank Savage (played by Gregory Peck) was created as a composite of several group commanders, but the primary inspiration was Col. Frank A. Armstrong, who commanded the 306th Bomb Group on which the 918th was modeled.

The name “Savage” was inspired by Armstrong’s Cherokee heritage.

In addition to his work with the 306th, which lasted only six weeks and consisted of primarily rebuilding the chain of command within the group, Armstrong had earlier performed a similar task with the 97th Bomb Group. Many of the training and disciplinary scenes in “Twelve O’clock High” derive from that experience.

Armstrong’s son, Major Frank A. Armstrong III, followed him into the Air Force and was killed in action in Laos on Oct. 6, 1967. At that time he was flying a combat mission in an A-IE Skyraider as a member of the 1st Air Commando Squadron.

I recall him when he visited his dad, who was our commander at Sampson Air Force Base, N.Y., in 1950. He enjoyed watching my printers working.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

Big Cowan

Glad to see Whitesburg is getting a new steak house. Can only eat so many burgers and like to sit down to a good meal once in a while. Always good to see new businesses coming in to Whitesburg. It is a good little town.

Want to say hello to a few of my friends. Darrell Holbrook, hoping you are doing well after surgery; Brenda Stone, behave yourself.

Frieda Campbell, hope you are healing well from surgery; Carol and Kendall Ison, keep doing well for the community; Fran Day, hope you are doing well and keeping Kingscreek alive.

Bessie Shepherd, take good care of those grandkids; Ben Fink, keep up the good work; Brandon Gent, miss you, buddy; Ashley Collier, take good care of yourself and your little girl.

Debbie Ison Fields, sure you are staying busy; Leigh Lewis Blankenbeckler, hope your job is going well, and safe travels.

Velda Fraley and Helen Cooper and Jan Yinger, thanks for all you have done; Mark Kidd and Bob Martin, hoping all is well and you are keeping busy.

Hope I did not leave out anyone. You are all appreciated very much. We all sure had some good times.

Also hello to Hemphill friends. Miss seeing all of you at Friday Nite Pickin’.

Keep someone you know in prayer this week. You don’t know what someone is going through until you have been there. Sometimes we are too quick to judge. We need to be more living, kind, understanding, and help in time of need.

We are all God’s children, and He doesn’t just throw us away. He gives us all a chance to redeem ourselves.

My children and grandchildren are all doing good. I am blessed to have family and friends.

My heart goes out to the families whose two teen daughters were killed about three weeks ago in Delphi. The suspect is still on the loose. Hopefully he is found soon.

Then on Saturday morning a young lady from Indianapolis went missing on Friday in Columbus. Her body was found in Flat

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