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One way to make your visitors feel at home



• “I bought a fairly large and nice-looking outdoor rug over the summer. I almost packed it away with the outdoor furniture, but something made me hang on to it in our garage. I had a lot of guests for Thanksgiving, and I put it in the entryway, where people were coming in from a muddy outside. After everyone went home, up it came, and it was rinsed off good as new. I will bring it back whenever I expect more people than my mudroom can handle.” – K.B. in New Hampshire

• Line a measuring cup with a plastic sandwich bag or plastic wrap to keep it clean between uses if you know you will be using it for multiple ingredients. • “A great way to make your home comfortable for guests is to print out a copy of the channel lineup for your cable service provider. You also can print out common remote control buttons or any remote control or TV instructions for playing a DVD, etc. This helps us older folks enjoy a few hours of TV time while the younger kids are out at work or school.” – H.P. in Nebraska

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