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Opal Banks was friend to all


So much sadness and heartache has been in our family since my last column. Bob, Sue and Ed’s mother, Opal Banks, lost her long battle with cancer in the early hours of Tuesday, May 18. She died peacefully at her home with some of her family by her bedside, which was how she would have wanted it.

Opal was a friend to all who knew her, and a mother to not only her children, but to many of their friends, her nephews and nieces, grandchildren and neighborhood children who came to play with Ed, Bob and Sue when they were growing up.

Everyone was welcomed and well fed at Opal and Everett’s home. Opal’s faith in God has been strong throughout her sickness and the previous years, and her church and church family were always important to her.

Her husband, children and home were her pride and joy, and then later the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren were held in her heart in a special way. She felt the Lord had blessed her with all she could want or need, and was happy with just what she had.

Her family and the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church will surely miss her kindness and freehearted manner.

The overflowing crowd at the visitation and funeral was a testament to how well loved she and her family are.

Bill, Luther, Hazel Adams, Susie Raglin and Danola Bell lost a good sister, and they were always special to her. We feel our loss is Heaven’s gain, and thank everyone for their support and prayers.

Opal’s sister-in-law, Mallie Hobbs, was back in the hospital last week with fluid in her lungs. She hasn’t been well for some time.

Bill and Joyce Adams have a new great-grandbaby. He was born last week and is the son of Jamie and Julie Adams Hatton.

Hargis Ison and Dickie and Diane Adams are also grandparents, but I don’t know Jamie’s side of the family. Sorry.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore recently went to Ohio and then they and Roy Kenon and Billie Smith all went to Illinois to visit Lee and Billie’s younger brother, Darrell and Vickie Pridemore. They reported a good trip, and later Darrell came in and spent the night at Isom with Lee and Wilma.

The household shower for our daughter, Jessie, and her husband, Andy, went really well, and we thank everyone for coming and those who also helped us. Jessie was happy to see her kinfolk and friends, and with the many gifts.

This past Sunday, memorial services were held at the cemeteries above the Dixon Memorial Church, and quite a few came out to remember their loved ones laid to rest there. It was also Dixon Memorial’s church time, and after services donations were given to Earl Combs for the upkeep of the cemeteries.

We also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sylvania Whitaker that day.

Judy Lynn Adams had been growing her hair long so she could donate to the ‘Locks of Love,’ which makes wigs for cancer patients. Her new haircut looked good, and she had 12 inches of her hair to donate.

I was glad to hear that Grace Whitaker was again able to teach a basketmaking class. Connie Blair showed us the one she had made at the Saturday class. It was a pretty basket, and we’re glad Frances is so much improved.

Bob and I visited Mallie Hobbs at the hospital and spoke a word with Hazel Adams, Lois Baker, Beulah Back and June Breeding at Letcher Manor.

This weekend will be the Smith reunion, and Tommy and Mary Jo have been getting things ready.

I hope everyone has a safe ‘Decoration Day’ and can spend it with family and friends.

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