Whitesburg KY

Opal Banks’s Sunday School class marks her birthday with a party


Can you believe that it is July already? Where does the time go? Hope everyone has a safe Fourth of July holiday.

Opal Banks was pleased to have her Sunday School class from Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church come by last Thursday to wish her an early happy birthday. They brought dinner, cake and ice cream with them and they also invited Opal’s sisters, Susie Raglin and Hazel Adams, to come be with them. Sandy Hall and Ethan Combs brought Hazel up and Ethan enjoyed playing with Hunter.

Ethan Combs is Hazel’s greatgrandson from Lexington and he has been visiting with his grandpa, Johnny Combs, and the rest of the family. Ethan is also the great-grandson of Irene Jent of Red Fox.

On Friday evening, Francine Caudill, Donna Frazier and Berma Mathews stopped by and visited with Opal Banks. Berma was telling us that Jack Caudill had died in Michigan. He was a brother to the late Edith Caudill of Jeremiah and the son of the late Les and Dora Caudill.

I forgot to mention that Gene Back, formerly of Woodrock, had a car accident a couple of weeks ago. He wasn’t hurt too badly and hopefully is all better by now.

Stella Elam went away with her daughter for a few days’ vacation. I haven’t talked to her since she got back, but I think they went to Gatlinburg.

We hope Relon Hampton is better by this time. He had a bad sick spell recently while he was in Somerset and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. They had him on the prayer list at Dixon Memorial and Big Cowan churches on Sunday.

Get well wishes to Carl Adams of Cowan who is having some health problems and also to Jimmy Caudill of Jeremiah who may have to have a knee replacement.

Bob stopped by and visited with Verlon Breeding of Doty Creek on Sunday evening. Verlon has been in and out of the hospital the last few weeks but is doing some better now. Bob also stopped and saw Lowell and Genny Caudill of Doty. Lowell continues to have some health problems and was not able to go to church on Sunday.

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