Whitesburg KY

Opposed to Little Shepherd Trail race

To the Editor:

The letter in last week’s Mountain Eagle about preserving the Little Shepherd Trail was well done. To care for and protect a scenic trail for observing wildlife, birds, plants, and nature is a good plan. It ensures that our children’s children will have something of these eastern Kentucky mountains to enjoy and appreciate.

To lose it means to never have it again, ever. If there is one thing we learned from strip mining it is that once a mountain is destroyed there is no putting it back. The same is true of the Little Shepherd Trail. If it is turned into a racetrack, the natural life of it will be destroyed forever.

I join Jennifer Honeycutt and others who are working to protect this scenic trail. I encourage the Letcher Fiscal Court and Judge/ Executive Adams to use their influence to preserve the Little Shepherd Trail and not let it be destroyed.


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