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Opposes casinos in KY

To the Editor:

Atten.: The Honorable Steve Beshear

Re: Casinos in Kentucky

Dear Governor Beshear:

I have a question. Which is better — prevention or cure?

If it is the flu or polio, it’s preventative. Get the shots. If it’s gambling, you’re saying infect them, then try to cure them. Why? It’s all up to you.

Kentucky has laws on our books that people who deal in addictive substances can go to jail. What about you, the governor? Should you be forgiven? No, no, no!

Casino gambling is addictive. You know it. Governor, every member of the General Assembly knows it!

Should you be pardoned? Gambling is not legal in Kentucky. You can make it legal, but you cannot make it right.

How big could this problem become? One addict per county would result in 120 new addicts. What if it becomes 10 per county? Then, you would have 1,200 new addicts. How can you treat another 1,200 addicts?

What about the families? An average of four per family would be almost 5,000 people depending on state aid. Can you pay for it?

Governor, please look in the mirror. Look at yourself and say, “This is good for the people of Kentucky.” Please, Governor Beshear, bring some good manufacturing jobs to our state. Please do not bring casinos to Kentucky that will rob our people of billions of dollars.


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