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Organizer of protest charged in complaint from victim’s mother

A man who protested a light charge against a man accused of sexual abuse has now been charged with harassment by the victim’s mother.

Steven C. Collins, 46, of Camp Branch, led a group of about a dozen protestors outside the courthouse last week, protesting that Glen Evan Gross Jr., 30, had been charged with a misdemeanor when he should have been charged with a felony for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Gross had already pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and received a 90-day sentence, the maximum under the law under which he was charged. County Attorney Jamie Hatton has filed a motion to overturn the sentence and recharge Gross under the correct statute.

But while Collins was protesting the light sentence Gross received on Tuesday, he was charged three days later with his own misdemeanor. Collins was charged harassment after the mother of the girl swore out a summons against him.

According to the summons, Collins, “with intent to intimidate, harass, annoy or alarm the affiant by calling her cell phone, calling her workplace, coming by her workplace and leaving her Facebook messages wanting to talk to her regarding an incident involving the affiant’s minor daughter.”

The summons said after already being told to stop calling her and stay away, Collins continued to contact her. It says Collins called her a “piece of crap mother” and “was placing court documents on Facebook regarding a criminal case involving her minor daughter. The documents listed the affiant’s name as the complaining party publicly regarding a criminal case in Letcher District Court in which her minor daughter was the victim.”

Collins is scheduled to appear in Letcher District Court Sept. 25.

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