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Our ancestors worked hard, ate well

It looks as though fall of the year is just around the corner, leastways, my bones says it is. I really don’t mind the cold as much as the slick roads, especially my driveway.

There seems to be a good crop of apples and peaches this year, but when you go to the market to buy either one you get the feeling they are gold plated the way they are priced.I love peaches, but not good enough to pay $25 to $30 a bushel for them. I dare say I could get the equal amount for that price already canned.

Apples are not hardly as expensive, but still pretty high. Beans are expensive too. When you come right down to bare facts, if you eat, you’re going to pay dearly for that privilege. So I guess people will have to eat a lot of soup beans, cornbread, and biscuits and gravy.

Oops, I forgot biscuits and gravy is bad for your health, according to the so-called food experts. Our ancestors in many, many instances, lived to be 80 to 100 years old by eating exactly what they now tell us will kill us.

They worked hard to be able to have what they ate without having to get very much from the store. They didn’t feel they had eaten breakfast unless they had biscuits and gravy, eggs, cured ham and some kind of homemade jam or jelly, plus a pot of steaming hot coff ee to wash it all down with.

They usually ate three such meals a day, but as I said, they worked. Many of them canned their boneless meat and sausage to have during the summer while they were raising food for the next winter. Of course, they had to get things like coff ee, sugar, flour, baking powder, salt and so forth, from the store.

Many had hogs for meat and lard, a cow for milk and butter, a horse or mule as a beast of burden, chickens for meat, eggs, and feathers for pillows or featherbeds. There was usually a lazy old hound dog to keep the possums away from the henhouse.

Unlike now, when Sunday came you could find a good many of them in a church somewhere. Besides the spiritual benefits, it was also a good place to socialize and catch up on all the latest gossip.

Also, back in those times, a woman didn’t consider herself properly dressed unless she had a clean apron and bonnet, and both starched and iron with the dress tail just above the ankles.

I would venture to say that people enjoyed life more in those days because they didn’t have very much in the way of worldly goods, and nobody was trying to keep up with anyone else, but they managed to have what they needed.

Too many people today try to look more important than their neighbor, and develop that ‘better than thou’ attitude. Even if they achieve that status, it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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