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Our beans have been picked

Northeast Ohio

Time again to do a bit of writing as Catharine will be picking it up after work tonight (Thursday). She works a double on Fridays, hostess in morning and server evenings. She send this after work.

So how was your week? Hope it was a good one. We went to Little Edna Church Sunday past. It was their memorial meeting. They had some beautiful singing and good preaching, a good crowd. You could say it was a good day. This weekend, being an odd Sunday, will be church at Little Edna again; we plan to go if possible.

It is a dreary, cloudy, rainy day here in Lorain, as I write this. Much different from the weather yesterday. It was a day of sunshine and clouds and it did get pretty warm with a balmy breeze softly blowing.

Red picked the last of our beans and we sat on the back porch in the evening and fixed them. It was so pleasant sitting there. Perfect weather, laughter and voices of children playing, a dog barking in the distance, a squirrel chattering and finally venturing quite near and using a tree behind the garage to find a safe haven. The only discordant note was the wail of sirens, which seemed to go on forever. I do not like to hear sirens, they usually mean a fire, a wreck or someone in dire distress. I am thankful we have them because a lot of lives and property are saved due to their quick response.

I talked to Georgia. She had gone to Cleveland Clinic to see a doctor about a problem she was having with her heart. She was very impressed with the doctor she saw and relieved about the verdict. She said the doctor took time to listen to her and to explain just what was going on. He told her most people have extra heartbeats, some are more sensitive to them than others and she seems to be one. He said she did not have to worry about a heart attack or any heart disease because of this, it’s just mostly an irritation. Should it get too much for her, there’s a medication she can take. We are all thankful it wasn’t bad news.

Red has talked to his sisters Mae and Jean, and brother Charles. Their sister Nina spent a few days in Hazard Hospital. She is home now and we send her much love and prayers and hope she is feeling much better. I don’t think anyone ever told Red just what was wrong with her.

I’ve been working on some clothes for Bill. I still have some pants to measure; this is the first I have done in some time.

You should see Red’s late mustard patch, it’s really coming up good, looks like a green carpet. Just hope it keeps growing well. I would like to put more packs in freezer.

Hello to Otho and Pat Holcomb in Elyria and, Otho, so sorry you haven’t been feeling too well. Hope everything is going well now, ’cause we want to see the two of you at the Letcher County picnic. The picnic is on Saturday, Sept. 12, at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion, starting at 1:00. See you there.

I just called Redia. Their daughter, Jennifer who is expecting her ninth baby in October, had been having some difficulties, but after seeing her doctor everything is going much better. She was having to see the doctor every other day but now will only have to go once a week. Her children, our great-grandchildren, are Christopher Raymond, Maegan Skye, Tyler Wayne, Lydia August Marie, Dakota Alan, Damian Gage, Alexander Gabriel and Elizabeth Faith Ann. Our other great-grandchildren are Chris’s two, Julia Nicole and Evan Everett Ryan, and Steve has Joshua Presley and Anna Marie. These are all Bill and Redia’s grandchildren.

My secretary just came in so I had better get this finished and ready to go. So in closing, wishing for all a great week, stay well, be happy, with love to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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