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Our co-ed softball team folded when I got hurt

Thirty-nine years ago when our softball team turned 50 years old, the younger players would say things like, “How are you, old man? How long did it take you for you to get out of bed? If you guys get hurt, we will get you to the hospital.”

The one good thing was that us old guys were kicking their butts most of the time.

We had a meeting and decided to start a senior league for us old guys. We would have an over-50 league when we were 60 years old, an over-60 league, and then an over-70 and 80 league as we got older.

The senior ladies wanted to join us and make it co-ed, so that’s what we did.

My boss, my daughter Donna Kay, my insurance company, and my bank would sponsor the four teams. We would play two games a week, playing all over northern California. I was the manager and pitcher of my team.

I played 37 years of senior softball. My last game with my over-80 team, I had a hit to right field and going to first base I fell and hurt myself. My daughter came out of the stands and said, “Dad, that’s it for you, no more softball for you.”

Much later I went back to our playing field and some young boys were playing. I asked them what happened to the senior teams. They told me that they no longer played.

I hope I was not the reason they do not play now. During those 37 years we won many championships.

This is a military town. I’ve got to quit reading the obituary page. A lot of my Disabled American Veteran members are no longer with us.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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