Whitesburg KY

Our destiny is up to us

As we all know, time waits for no one and slowly ticks away, getting us a little closer to our appointed time with destiny.

Our destiny is entirely up to us, according to which leader we choose to follow in life. There are only two destinations with no rest stop on the way. But while we are living, we can reflect on things of the past.

We can’t change the past, but we can reflect on things and wish we had done some of them, many diff erently, or maybe not done them at all.

One thing I often reflect on is the many different things I have worked at during my journey through life. Now that I have begun what I feel is my final chapter in the story, I spend more time just reflecting on my past. I think of things I wish I had done but didn’t, and things I did and wish I hadn’t done, and things I could have done better.

I worked at whatever I could find just to survive, because I didn’t have anyone to turn to for a little assistance. I guess the worst job I had was working in the log woods for $1.40 an hour. The next worst one was the Postal Service. I missed all my little friends who are parents and grandparents by now, but there just wasn’t any way to get out of the red.

Anytime you operate a business in the red, you can only last so long. And that’s what I did. It finally dawned on me that I was butting my heard against the wall. But they were fair with me when my contract ended. My contract ended on a Saturday, and I couldn’t turn my keys in until the following Monday, so they paid me for Monday also, even though they were also paying the new contractors too.

Too many people today want to start at the top instead of working their way up. I suppose that is one reason our unemployment rate is so high. Some people wouldn’t work in a pie factory sampling pies because laziness is passed down from generation to generation.

Now that the drug problem has become so widespread, the drug addicts are still afraid of the word ‘work,’ so they steal, rob and kill to get their drugs. Perhaps most of our drugrelated crimes should be deemed felonies so as to keep guilty parties incarcerated instead of being free so quickly.

As I have stated in the past, our law enforcement people spend a lot of time and energy to make a hit, and sometimes the guilty ones are out on the street again before they get the paperwork done, which is very discouraging.

I’m getting discouraged myself, so that’s all from the funny farm for now.

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