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Our granddaughters make us very proud

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all is well.

Despite the weird weather we have been having, all my family is doing well. My oldest granddaughter finished high school one day and got her permit to drive the next day. Things seem to be going well for her right now. Proud of you, Ashley. Knew she could do it.

Also proud of Becca, our second oldest granddaughter. She got her driver’s license and starts her first job next week.

We are also proud of our youngest granddaughter, Michaela, just for being herself and for the good job she does with cheerleading.

Papa and I love our girls and miss them.

My brother Archie Ray Fields is still improving in rehab at Letcher Manor. He took 35 steps the other day with a walker. Hopefully he will be out and about by spring. Keep him in prayers.

Morris Maggard seems to be improving. He is across the hall from Archie.

Allen Whitaker stopped in to see Archie. I don’t know which one has the most family that comes in, Morris or Archie. It is good to see family involved with their progress. So many people have no one to come and visit. I worked almost 12 years in a nursing home and you can tell who really cares for their family.

Hasn’t been much going on this week. A revival at Haymond with Tim Amburgey was cancelled all weekend because of all the snow and ice-covered roads. We saw Tim the other day. He was doing well. He took his mother out to eat. So blessed to still have her with him and in good health.

My brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe has been very sick with the stomach flu. He is doing some better. He and Kathy keep passing it back and forth. They can keep it. LOL.

Linda Ann Fields Adams died one year ago on Feb. 11. Still missed by family and friends. Also Guy Stewart died one year ago on Feb. 14. Missed by all who knew him, especially my son Mike. Guy was a dear friend to him and Melinda.

My wonderful husband James E. Fields will be 66 on Feb. 14. Happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day. I love you, but slow down on age. You are making me old. LOL.

Also, a very happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day to Greg Dollarhyde. He will be 17 on Feb. 14. He is the son of Pam and Marvin Taylor and Broy Dollarhyde.

My husband’s niece Phyllis Ann Fields will be 49 on Feb. 15. She lives in Columbus, Ind. Happy birthday to her.

Also, happy birthday to Leroy Fields and Wissy Caudill on Feb. 17.

My cousin Barbara Ann Maggard Boggs died one year ago on Feb. 19, then another cousin, Lou Ann Fields Ingram, died one year ago on Feb. 20. They are missed by all who knew them.

Also, Nick Conasta died one year ago on Feb. 21. He was a stepson to Randy or Ronnie Frazier on Cowan. He is missed by all who knew him.

My dad Jasper Fields would have been 95 years old on Feb. 22 and is truly missed by all of us.

My aunt Loreva Fields will be 89 years old on Feb. 22. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Jay Bates on Feb. 24.

My daughter-in-law Amber Kress Fields will be 31 on Feb. 25. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday to Debbie Eldridge and Jean Banks Poisel on Feb. 28. Hoping you both have a good day.

Sorry for not getting my column in last week. Wasn’t much happening so I finished out with all the birthdays this month in case the weather is really bad and I can’t get out.

Happy birthday to the ones in February that I might have missed or did not know about. Melissa Nicely turned 26 on Feb. 6. She is the daughter of Wayne and Tammy Turner.

Keep Morris Maggard, Archie Fields, Hazel Rayburn, Odessa Lewis, Irene and Eugene Day, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, and Agnes Maggard in your prayers. Attend the church of your choice.

So sorry to hear about Logan Howard dying in a freak accident. Prayers to his family.

So long until next time.

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