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Our home improvement projects are filling time


Hello everyone – I hope everyone had a good week. The weather was better and I enjoyed the warm weather. I have quit watching as much television as I felt the news was getting to me. It’s better without constant doom and gloom.

We had a power outage for a few hours this past week. Normally it’s not a big issue except this time I was in the recliner and my recliner is electric. Mike had to help me climb out of the recliner (again). It was funny. I am not sitting in the recliner to read anymore. I find different chairs.

The Letcher County Extension Office does a sewing project giveaway. This past week it was a project to make a Soup Bowl Cozy. I hope to get mine made this week. I appreciate the Extension Office doing these projects.

I bought a new bed this past week. Mike took one day to help me rearrange bedrooms. I had a plan in my head and he was the one that did it. Each bed was moved to a different room and the new bed was put in a room. It was an all-day project. All the beds are now queen size and the full-size bed is in storage. I don’t want to give up the full-size bed as my mom and her sister used it when they were younger, and it’s the bed I used when I was in grade school. Years ago, Mike and I took the bed to Ohio and then we brought it back to Kentucky.

Mike tries to remember to do the 10 o’clock bell every day. He uses a gong. On Sunday I was sitting on the porch and just as he started with the gong, I could hear bells from other locations. It was really cool.

Mike and I took a drive to Linefork one afternoon. We drove to the Campbell Cemetery. It was nice visiting the graves of family long gone. My dad, Dr. Varon Campbell, is buried there. We also stopped by where the Campbell home used to be. It has been torn down with only a chimney remaining.

On the way home, we stopped at Holcomb’s Dairy Bar in Isom. Mike said it was the best hotdog he has ever had. I enjoyed my milkshake.

My cousin, Kae Fisher, has been sick this past week. I’m wishing her a quick recovery.

Michael Campbell of Newport came in to visit his dad, John Campbell, and his grandpa, Glen Brown. Portia Watson of Louisville also came in to visit. Michael, Portia, and John went on a Jeep tour. They went to the Pine Mountain Settlement School, the Laden Trail, Gabe’s Fall, and several other places. They did see two bears.

Mike Harris of Lexington is married to my cousin Laura Harris. Mike said Laura took on a home project. She cleaned and whitewashed the brick fireplace and then she painted the mantle. I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished project.

There are two more 2020 graduates:

• Caroline Eldridge graduated from kindergarten. She attended Carr Creek Elementary School. Her parents are Morgan and Byron Eldridge. Her grandparents are Doris Ison, Barbara and Benny Eldridge. Caroline is ready for the first grade.

• Bentleigh Eldridge graduated from preschool. She attended Carr Creek Elementary School. Her parents are Morgan and Byron Eldridge. Her grandparents are Doris Ison, Barbara and Benny Eldridge. Bentleigh is ready for kindergarten.

Congratulations to Caroline and Bentleigh.

My most favorite day of the year is the last Saturday of June. That is when the Hop and Manerva Gibson family reunion is held. Due to the coronavirus, the family reunion had to be canceled for this year. It was hard letting people know. I don’t know if we’ll be able to have the reunion at a different time or not this year. I’m already making plans for next year, 2021.

This virus has caused a lot of issues in our ‘normal’ world. No school, no restaurants, no traveling, no hugging, and so on. I’m going to remain cautious when the restrictions are lifted as the virus won’t be gone. I hope we all are careful.

This week’s quote is: “The most treasured gifts are the meaningful moments we create with people we love. They become priceless memories decorating our lives.”

If you have any news please email Cowannews@aol.com.

Thank you and have a great week. Stay healthy and safe.

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