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Our last snow was so beautiful

Hello again everyone!

Once again the theme song is ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’. Brrr, I am just kidding as I am as sick of this cold as anyone else. Each time I hear the furnace kick on I can feel my heart dropping as I know I will have to get more propane gas before this winter is over. I have always joked about standing on a corner with a cup so I can find money to make a trip to the mountains, well I may be doing that for money for heat.

We were hit with another couple of inches of snow with the old snow still on the ground. I have to admit something. Thursday night we were given the prediction of snow starting to develop about 10 o’clock in our area. By 9:30 it was starting to come down in such small flakes then mixed with a larger ones. I believe this was one of the most beautiful snows I have seen falling in a long time. I watched the snow swirling beneath the streetlights, and I actually didn’t want to move as I watched this quiet, white, beautiful sight.

Friday morning driving on the road through this, it looked like a picture postcard with snow on both side of the road. There was ice frozen along the branches of the trees and then the snow was lying, oh so soft on some of the pines. Southern Ohio

I stopped at McDonald’s for a sweet tea, then decided I better clean my back window as the rear defroster wasn’t melting the ice. While I was scraping the window, a young man approached me, saying, “ Excuse me, could you spare a couple of dollars? My car is out of gas and I need to get my wife to University Hospital.” Without blinking an eye, I told him to call 911.

I did not see any car, but to be honest I felt bad after I didn’t give him a couple of dollars. Then I got to thinking, why should I feel bad? I live on a very fixed income and he probably wanted a few dollars for a pill or a drink, and believe you me, I have seen and heard enough about that.

My son Keith Ballard is in the hospital again, this time in intensive care. My brother Robert Hall is in the hospital in very serious condition in Huntington, W.Va. It doesn’t look good for Robert at all. The roads are too bad for me to try to go to West Virginia to see Robert and I don’t want to go that far and leave Keith either.

Someone called to asked me if I was going to the Coon Hunter’s Club. I haven’t been there in almost two months. That seems like a another era in my life, to be able to go dance, though there have been times that music could take me out of my worries. I have just got too much on my mind to even attempt to be social right now!

Gwen Huff Farmer had a nice surprise phone call from her grandson Wayne and Sharon Farmer saying he and their family were coming to visit her. Wayne and Sharon have four children. Gwen had a delicious supper fixed ready and waiting for them. Gwen is always so pleased when her family comes to visit her, and is sad to see them leave.

When we went to visit her several years ago, I really enjoyed being there and keep saying that I was going back, which hasn’t been possible for me to do.

I forgot a very special birthday, my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. January 30, Bennie was four years old. Time has really passed. Now I have my little grandson, Kyle Thomas Nottingham, who will grow like a weed. Bennie thinks Kyle is his baby. When Angie went to see Kyle, Bennie wanted to bring the baby home with them.

I haven’t been back to see Kyle nor the Nottingham girls, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, this week as I have been busy going to Good Sam hospital.

I finally had a good conversation with Polly Maucher. Everyone is getting along alright in her family. Polly had some business to take care of in Brookville, Ind., which is just a hop and jump from where Polly lives. Polly decided to stop at McDonald’s for a bite to eat. It seems as if she was in for a treat as she ran into a couple of good looking guys who are from the mountains, Odell Calihan and his brother Joe Reed Calihan. Polly really enjoyed seeing these two as they knew each other years ago. Odell and Joe Reed are brothers to Coolie Jr. Calihan. I met Odell at one of Polly’s reunions a few years ago. I remember his name from childhood.

Hello to Linda Whitaker Day. I am sorry I haven’t gotten a card out to you. Hello to Linda’s family and especially to Sis in Michigan.

Carl Boggs and Shelby Bockover, I got your books together and then put them aside. I am telling you I am not put together enough to do anything. I still have an undecorated Christmas tree in my living room. I may just stick some Valentines on it.

Shirley Wells, it was good corresponding with you on the computer.

Hello to my sister Loretta Church and brother Wallace Lee Hall in Letcher Manor Nursing Home and to all the nurses there too.

My brother Richie Hall and his wife Wanda are trying to stay warm. I know Richie will be glad when it gets better weather.

I really don’t know how people can afford much higher electric bills. I had a double one as I forgot to mail mine in! I think we should just buy a huge building and live together and split the bills. Listen to me, someone would kick me out! Betty and Doyle Ison have a little building on their property. I have tried to get Betty to let Doyle fix it up and let me move in it!

Hello, Emma Engle, I hope you and Red are doing alright.

I guess I better get this on its way. Until next time.

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