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Our trip to Ohio took hours longer than it usually does


Hello everyone – I hope all get adjusted to the time change this week. It’s not as bad since I’m not working — retirement does have benefits. The weather bothers me more than the time change. It’s warm in the sun and cool in the shade, and I do like warm weather.

We went to Ohio on Thursday and came back on Friday. We did a quick trip to go to the funeral for the daughter-in-law’s brother. It was so cold and windy on Thursday. We got there before our son Mark got off work so we went shopping at the outlet mall. It’s all outdoors and the wind came around the corners so strong and cold.

It was also trick-or-treat night for Mark’s town. We went out to eat and missed the first half and there weren’t any trick-or-treaters the second half. As we were driving back to Mark’s house, we saw a trick-or-treater in a blow-up dinosaur suit and the wind was blowing him around. It was humorous.

Son Greg went out to eat with us that night also. I enjoy spending time with the sons. We didn’t see Brad and Becky until we got to the funeral home. It was a long day for them. Friends of ours, John and Bonnie Walterbusch of Dayton, Ohio, came to the visitation and we were able to see them for a few minutes. It was a quick trip.

When we came home on Friday, we dealt with traffic in Dayton. Then we were stopped in traffic in Cincinnati, which we always expect. The unexpected traffic was Lexington. We were stopped just after the Georgetown exit and there was slow traffic all the way through Lexington. From Georgetown to our I-64 exit, it took us over an hour and a half. There was a lot of sitting in the traffic. Our normal five and a half hour trip took about seven and a half hours. It was good to be home.

Susan Ware of Lexington, Janis Marr and Anna Bledsoe of Berea came in last week to visit Faye Campbell, who is the hospital at Hazard. Mike and I went out to eat lunch with them along with John Campbell. It was good seeing Susan, Janis and Anna.

Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg has been in for the week. Some of her cousins from Indiana, Phyllis Loper, Diana Spray, and Sharon McMillan, came in. They had a good time looking for graves in different cemeteries. They spent one afternoon riding the side-by-side through the creek. Debbie said she thought the vehicle was wanting to go to the right but decided it was just the terrain. When they got on the highway, they all noticed it was going to the right. They had a flat tire. This was an area where cell phone service doesn’t work. Luckily they saw Carroll Smith and he gave them a ride home. The sun was going behind the mountain at this time and it was getting cold. David Holbrook was able to trailer the side-by-side home for the ladies. It’s always good to have good neighbors willing to help out.

Debbie and cousins met up with Ruby Lewis during their cemetery searches. She was able to take them to a couple cemeteries. Ruby is a cousin to other cousins of ours. She was related to our uncle Irvin Ison.

Debbie and I went to a baby shower for Victoria and Michael Watts. Victoria and Michael received a lot of nice and useful gifts for their little one that is due at the end of December. It was a lovely shower. There was so much food there. There were several kinds of soups, a variety of sandwiches, a cheeseball and a lot of desserts. I had a cucumber sandwich with a cucumber on top. The strawberries and apple slices were great. I was good and stayed away from the cakes and cookies but I did have a piece of chocolate fudge, which was delicious.

A few hours later, Mike, Debbie and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for dinner. I may wait a few days before I get back on the scales.

A cousin, Shirley and Mike Harris of Tinsley, Miss., are in for the week. We were gone during the warm part of the day so I haven’t seen them yet. I am looking forward to spending some time with them.

Millie Banks and her sister, Judy Jolly, spent Saturday night in Nashville, Tenn., with their niece Wendy, her husband Shawn and son Sam York. There was a surprise party for Millie’s brother Roger Day. They had a big crowd with lots of good food, and they all had a great time. On Sunday, Millie and Judy went to Columbus, Ind., to spend the day and night with their brother Roger and Priscilla Day. Their sister, Sheila Taylor, came over to visit for the day. They all had a great visit.

Mike and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast on Monday. My brother, John Campbell, was with us. We saw our cousin Carl Banks there also.

Apparently I left a cousin’s birthday off my list last week. Christine Gatton’s birthday is November 4. We share a birthday.

My niece, Kendra Wenning, got married on Saturday, November 2, to Andrew Snyder of Piqua, Ohio. They had been talking about having a small ceremony with just parents, and they did. Congratulations to them.

I hope everyone took the time to vote. This is my first time voting in Kentucky. I believe in voting.

This week’s Social Media quote is attributed to Winston Churchill: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”.

Have a good week and remember to be thankful in November.

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