Whitesburg KY

Our world has changed

Time is rolling right along. Here we are in the second week of April!

I think we all stay so busy; planning something that has to be done, that it makes time fly.

No more do you see men sitting and whittling on a cedar stick relaxing, or family and neighbors sitting on porches talking and visiting with children playing in the yards every day from daylight until dark. Our world has changed, but not for the better.

Prescription pills so strong that anyone can become addicted have also been the downfall of our entire way of life. Would we need all these new judicial centers, prison expansions, rehab and recovery services if our government had acted in the nation’s and its people’s best interest? No!


Too much money was to be made off of the lives of those who became addicted and their families who try to help them.

On to another topic. Homer Smith will be in charge of the upkeep of the Dixon, Nancy Back and Smith cemeteries again this year, and donations for mowing and weed-eating can be sent to him at: 218 Sycamore Loop, Jeremiah, KY 41826.

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