Whitesburg KY

Outage makes you appreciate electricity


Hope everything is going well for all of you. I can’t believe it’s time to write again. I can’t believe how fast time is going, or is it just me? At this rate, we will all get old fast.

We sure has a bad storm last Wednesday. Strong winds did a lot of damage. My son, Larry, has a tree on top of his house and lots of power poles fell and we were out of power for a while. I sure was glad to get it back.

My sons, Rob and Billy, and I went to Pine Mountain Grill. I guess lots of people couldn’t cook at home. There were a lot of people there. Kathy and Elwood Cornett were there with James Trent’s daughter, Becky. I hadn’t seen them in a long time.

I lit a lot of candles so Rob and I could see each other. I sure was happy when the power came back on at 12:30 that night. It really makes you appreciate your power and your telephone. I’m glad it wasn’t cold so we didn’t freeze.

We had a lot of tree limbs everywhere. We’ve been picking them up and being thankful that things were not worse. Rob had already had that and a lot worse in Owensboro so he should have felt right at home.

Jim Cornett, I was sorry to hear of your mother, Thelma Cornett, dying.

Dorthy Tacket, Pearl Noble, and Linda Hall went to Colson to visit their sister, Mazie, but she had gone to Virginia for a doctor’s appointment and they didn’t get to see her. They went on to Whitesburg Hospital to visit Dorthy’s daughter, Jeanette Yonts. She is out now and doing better. They all went to Pine Mountain Grill for lunch and enjoyed being together.

Delores Holbrook was down in her back and her husband came and took Dorthy to buy groceries. Families can sure come in handy and we appreciate them.

Fern Caudill called and said Wanda (Stidham) Miller wasn’t doing well at all. We sure hope she is doing better.

It was good talking to Lou Caudill the other day. I hadn’t talked with her in a while.

Last week was a good week for calls. I got a call from Anna Watkins of Florida. She’s been in the hospital and is better now. I’m glad you enjoy the pictures I put in the paper. That’s one of the reasons I put them in. She’s been gone for over 50 years and lots of the people who read

The Eagle have been gone longer than that and they enjoy the pictures.

Iva Cheatham, I’m sorry I missed your call. Yes, we had the bad weather you were having, but not as bad as lots of places. I only lost power for one night. Clyde is about the same.

My good friend, the one I’ve been riding with, lost her husband, James Breeding, on Thursday at the Veterans Center. We’ve lost a lot down there, but they were real sick when they came there. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Shirley and her family and to his sister, Opal Hogg. I’m glad I got to visit him on the day he died.

I got a nice letter from another friend, Betty Asher in North Vernon, Ind. She is the daughter of Beulah Hall who lived next door to me before she died. She told me to say hello to Cookie Joseph, who is a cousin. So hello, Cookie!

We have a lot of folks who are sick. Velma Slone of Cowan has been in Whitesburg Hospital. I hope she is better and home.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere if you are able.

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