Whitesburg KY

Outside companies are waiting to buy your delinquent tax bill

If you still haven’t paid your delinquent tax bill, you might want to think about heading over to the Letcher County Clerk’s Office and paying your bill before the total amount you owe increases.

Letcher Clerk Winston Meade said three Kentucky companies and a Texas company want to purchase 2009 delinquent tax bills. Hazel Enterprises, of Calloway County, asked to purchase bills totaling $409,597.72. Kentucky Lien Holdings LLC of Murray, Cardinal Lien Services LLC of Ft. Thomas, and Tax Ease Lien Serving LLC of Dallas, Texas, also want to buy delinquent tax bills.

People have until 4 p.m. on July 27 to pay their bills. Then the delinquent taxes will be sold to outside companies.

Meade said he knows someone who ended up paying $1,400 for his taxes during a court settlement when the original amount owed was $154. He said once lawyers’ fees, court fees, and interest are added, the total amount can accumulate to large sums of money.

He said people who still haven’t paid their tax bills may go to Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling’s office and set up a payment plan to keep third-party companies from intervening.

Meade said third-party companies are allowed to buy delinquent tax bills as part of KRS 134 and House Bill 262.

“The clerks have no say in this,” said Meade. “This is state law that we must do this.”

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