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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Oven warmed shoes for child

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours!

Oh how my heart is aching to head for the mountains as the weather sure has been nice. Oh yes, it is cold, but so what, it is December!

One morning it was warm enough to wear just a sweatshirt. Oh yeah I forgot, of course you need pants, too, plus socks and shoes!

I had to really laugh out loud as I saw a commercial on television advertising houseshoes that have gel in them. You put them in a zipper bag, microwave them to get them hot, and they keep your feet warm.

My first thought was, oh repulsive, how would anyone put houseshoes in the microwave? Then all at once childhood memories came back of Grandma Rosa Hall putting my shoes in the oven for me when I was small so they would be warm when I put them on. In fact she did this when I turned a teenager too.

I have heated a blanket or a towel for my kids, but never have I put their shoes in my oven although I have set them on the registers to be warm for them.

Belated happy birthday wishes go out to a very special young man, Jack Adams, on Dec. 18. Jack is the son of Jeff and Beverly Adams and a very talented musician. I am very proud to say he is my cousin.

I had a short note from Orbin Sloan saying he remembered Christmas as a child. He anxiously waited for Christmas, not because of expecting things such as candy or toys, but because he knew his dad would turn the radio on and he would get to hear Bill Monroe sing ‘Christmas Time Is Coming.’ Orbin said there was no electricity in the head of the hollow where they lived so they used a battery radio.

Orbin’s mother told him at 3 years old he’d beg his dad to take all the songs off except Bill Monroe. He never dreamed that so many years later when he was grown he would play a fiddle on the porch of Bill Monroe’s old home place at Rosine on opening day of its public open house. He played ‘The Mule Skinner Blues’ that Bill Monroe was famous for playing.

I can relate to the old battery radio as that is the first radio I remember Daddy and Mommy having. What I remember most is Daddy listening to the Grand Old Opry, WCKY from Cincinnati. Southern Ohio

I loved to listen to a man called Wayne Rainey and I remember a song called ‘The Singing Water Falls.’

As I got older Daddy got an electric radio. I still remember when WTCW would sign off at the end of the day with ‘Suppertime’ by Jimmy Davis.

I loved to listen to ‘Singing Miner’ George Davis from Hazard, especially the one about 10 little devils. I think the name was ‘The Farmer’s Cursed Wife.’

I had the pleasure of attending my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham’s band concert at Beechwood School. They had just got back from the gubernatorial parade in Frankfort.

I wasn’t home as I was helping a friend decorate for Christmas, so I didn’t get to tape the parade though I glanced at several bands as I heard their names. I felt pride when I heard Letcher County Central High School from Whitesburg, and had to laugh as I heard Hopkinsville Marching Band as I knew Shirley Well’s grandson Donovan was in that group.

I walked out of the room and missed the Beechwood Marching Band. Anna managed to save it on something called a DVR, but she doesn’t know how to transfer it to a VHS tape.

If anyone taped the governor’s parade and would share a tape or DVD, I would pay you for it.

While at Sarah’s concert a most touching thing transpired as the band director Joe Craig mentioned that of one Kentucky’s finest band directors, Chuck Campbell, had died. Chuck had been a great influence for several years for lots of schools all over the state and had given his input to Mr. Craig’s band students. During the concert Mr. Craig had the band play a beautiful piece that was written by Joe Craig in honor of Chuck Campbell called ‘Going Home.’

It was so touching I had to concentrate on baby Kyle to keep the tears back.

During the concert my little granddaughter Katelyn had been sitting in the bleachers with some of little friends, and all at once she came to her mother Anna and was crying. I was afraid that someone had bothered her or she had fallen and gotten hurt.

As Anna soothed her and asked what was wrong, Katelyn told Anna the tune the band was playing, which was ‘Greensleeves,’ made her think of Lucky their dog. Lucky has been gone for almost two years, as they had to have him put down because he was old and had cancer.

I don’t how the dear child associated the tune with her dog! Who knows what goes through a child’s mind? Katelyn is in the second grade and reading sixth-grade books. She takes several advanced classes. When Katelyn and Jessica come home from school they will read a book, or a few chapters before going outside.

It is so hard to believe that baby Kyle will be a year old in January. It is even more difficult to realize my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold will be 5 at the end of January, and next year will be going to school.

I finally got a Christmas tree up and a few things done, and Christmas is fast approaching. It seems I just can’t get moving and doing things as I should do since I put off until tomorrow what should have been done six months ago.

If it were not for the grandchildren stopping by Christmas Eve, I would pack a bag and head for the mountains to spend time with my brother Richie Hall and Wanda, and just be home one more time.

Listen at me after all these years saying “home” as if I have a house back there, though the mountains will always be home in my heart.

Richie had to go back to the doctor and seems to be doing a little better than he was.

Gwen Huff Farmer is very disappointed that I didn’t make it to visit her this year, but at times I have the money and don’t have the time, then there are times I have the time and not the money. If you can figure out what I just said. Gwen has a lot of company this time of year with deer hunters, who Gwen dearly loves.

The same plans were made to visit Shirley Wells so maybe if God spares us to another year these plans will become a reality.

My cousin Nancy ‘Sis’ Sparkman sent me some pictures of my sister Loretta Church on the computer. Now if my printer will work so I can print them off.

I haven’t talked to my brother Jerry Hall or Mattie in a few weeks. I just stay tired or busy and don’t get anything done.

I did get a few minutes to talk to Betty Ison. Doyle and Betty both seem to be doing alright at the present time. Betty finally received her Mountain Eagle from October. Betty is like everyone else in this area who wonders what happened. I am afraid with the Postal Service’s changes things will get worse.

I helped a friend of mine put the finishing touch on Christmas decorating, and when I came home I was just too tired to go dancing or I am getting too old. Old Time Fiddlers in the basement of the Fire Department at Miamitown, will be on the second Sunday, which is Jan. 8, as News Day will be there on the first Sunday.

This is the first birthday and Christmas without our brother Wallace Lee Hall, who would have been 64 on Dec. 20.

Bruce Jones, you made Wallace Lee’s Christmas special last year as you got his name off the tree at the nursing home. Instead of getting just one thing from the list, you got Wallace everything he had mentioned.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and I hope you all get everything your heart desires. As far as me, well I have probably been too naughty and not nice, so Santa will be leaving me a lump of coal.

As usual I am running late so I better get this on its way. Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: , telephone: 513-367-4682.

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