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Ovenfork Center hosts potluck dinner for Kingscreek seniors

Good afternoon from the Kingscreek Center.

We have had a packed month of February. Something new going on all the time. First, we had spring and then a winter storm. What is in store for March?

We would like to thank the Ovenfork Center for the great potluck they fixed for us. They were very gracious hosts and really entertained us.

They had Bingo and everyone won at least one prize. After Bingo, they had musicians. Jerry Banks, Darrell Caudill and Daniel Hiatt played and sang for us.

Jim Ward stopped by to say hello. He sure watches out for us seniors.

Just as we were finishing up lunch, Bobby Howard stopped by. We fed him then made him pay for it by joining the singers. They sang together and he sang a couple of requests.

People attending from our center were Judy Eldridge, Eulah Miller, Faye Herron, Sue Williams, Ethel Banks, Colleen Cornett, Arnold Mullins and I. Our driver was Cathy Ingram.

Our hosts were Carmen Brock, Linda Curry, Peggy Sturgill, Marvilene Quillen, Fran Ryan, Kathleen Hammonds, Ruby Adams, Faye Halbertstadt, Elaine McFarland, Marvin Maggard, John Sayers and Nancy Hubbard. There were others who came and went.

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful day. You have a nice center and a great group of people.

Thursday, we finally got to visit our own center. It was like coming home.

We learned that morning of the passing of one of the ladies who had come to the center for many years, Phoebe Fields. She was very loved by all who knew her.

We quilted a bit and just visited with each other. These girls at the center are a great group of people, very caring and real.

One birthday to report this month, Lorene Hampton on the 22nd. Hope you have a good one.

Now it is time for my soapbox moment. With the snowstorm we had the weekend of the 19th, I wasn’t surprised to lose power, cable and television. A lot of people did. As they restored the services, I realized they may not notice my phone line hung down since it was just from the pole in my yard to the house. I called, got the automated place, couldn’t get a person to talk to.

Gave them a couple of days, tried again. Same results. Finally got a real person on the line by Friday, the 24th, explained my problem and was told they would fix it. Time went on until March 1. I called from the center to be told they canceled the work order. The lady I was on the line with assured me they would fix it.

By the time I got home Thursday from the center, the repairman was climbing down the pole. I had phone service. Don’t they know a woman could go postal without her phone?

But I do think when service is down that long they should adjust the next phone bill downward not upward.

OK. That’s off my chest. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and that spring is close to coming and staying.

Give someone a hug, especially a child. You will both feel good.

Until next time, take care of yourself.

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