Whitesburg KY

Ovenfork seniors enjoy potluck day

Happy birthday to Peggy Sturgill, Marvilene Quillen and Marvin Maggard. Our potluck has been cancelled, but we will still have the birthday cake.

We want to thank Judge Ward, Eddie Meade and Bobby Ray Howard for our porch being covered. We needed it because it was dangerous to walk across when ice froze on it, which was pretty often. It sure looks good too.

We had a good time on potluck day. Kingscreek came over for a visit and we had singers Darrell Caudill, Jerry Banks, Rusty Halcomb, and they can’t be beat. Bobby Ray sang too. We played Bingo.

It’s not every day you can go somewhere and have a good time like that. Anyone can come and sing who wants to. We had prayer, and we can’t get too much of that.

I’m sure sorry for all the tornado victims, and especially for those who lost loved ones. Maybe some of them can build back, but you cannot bring back a life.

Somehow, with the help of God, we dodged the bullet. I think the next time I’ll pay more attention and get in someone’s basement. I like to stay at home, but the weathermen were warning us the whole time. After the storms were over, then we realized it was serious business.

Let’s remember the Myrel Lewis family in the death of Shirley. We thank God that Ted Corder got to come home.

We hated to hear of Phoebe Fields from the Kingscreek Center dying. I know her family will miss her.

Pray for all the lost and sick. Remember all the tornado victims.

Come and visit our center any time. You will have a good time.

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