Whitesburg KY

Overbey to get new wheels at speedway

A 13-year-old from London, will drive in victory lane before the start of the June 27 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Nick Overbey will attend his first NASCAR race and through the outreach and team work of the NASCAR family and Shriners, he will drive away with new wheels — an allterrain power chair.

The chair was built by Innovation In Motion of Angola, Ind., and is valued at $28,000. It is customized to not only fit Nick’s body, but also to match his school colors — red, black and white. The chair is designed to move effortlessly over various surfaces from smooth indoor flooring to dirt and gravel trails in the woods.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Hauler Drivers and the Kyle Busch Foundation wanted to make a difference in a child’s life. Nick had been treated by Shriners Hospital for Children in Lexington since 2009, and had just been evaluated and measured for a new chair. His physical therapist had determined that an allterrain chair would benefit the active 13-year-old, but funding was not available. The timing was just right for Nick.

The only obstacle between Nick and a day at the track with new wheels was getting to Sparta. That’s when members of the Shriners Fraternity stepped in. Bill and Betty Frazier from the Mountain Shrine Club of Whitesburg, both certified drivers for Oleika Shrine Temple in Lexington, will provide transportation to Kentucky Speedway for Nick and his family. The Laurel County Shrine Club is providing funding for Nick’s family to stay at a hotel near the track.

“It’s great to know so many people have worked together to make a desire a reality,” said Terry Lynch, president of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Hauler Drivers. “We’re looking forward to meeting Nick and his family. NASCAR drivers will be in victory lane to see him ‘start his engine!’

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