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Packs celebrate anniversary

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Norma Beatrice Hyden Hatton McCall, the mother of Elzie Ray Hatton, is pictured on Pine Creek at Mayking in 1960 in front of a 1951 Ford four-door custom car.

Norma Beatrice Hyden Hatton McCall, the mother of Elzie Ray Hatton, is pictured on Pine Creek at Mayking in 1960 in front of a 1951 Ford four-door custom car.

Hello once again. I hope everyone had a great week.

I hope all the fathers had a great Father’s Day. I sure miss my dad. He has been gone 24 years and is missed every day. Jasper Fields died June 14, 1988.

My brother, Archie Ray Fields, had his by-pass on his leg at Pikeville, June 11. It took almost seven hours. He had three surgeries done, but is doing really well and should be home this week.

Frank and Lisa Pack Fields were married 12 years on June 13. Happy anniversary to them.

While in Pikeville we met a man that we had seen in Whitesburg. His name is Van Webb, I believe. His wife, Betty, had a knee replacement and it went well. Keep her in your prayers.

Late happy birthday wishes to my sister-in-law, Carolyn Fields, on June 16. She lives in Columbus, Ind.

My father-in-law, Roy Fields of Edmonton, died June 13, 1985. He has been gone 27 years and is still missed.

My husband and I like driving around and lately we have been to old cemeteries. One is on Craft’s Colly, and then we have been to Obie Elkins Cemetery. Most of them are on top of a hill, and you have to back all the way off after getting there. It’s a good thing my husband can back up good, or we would be in a ditch — or worse, over the hill. They were both nicely decorated and I had never been to them before.

A big thank you to whomever is keeping the Obie Fields Cemetery on Cowan looking nice. It’s very much appreciated.

Deola Day died one year ago on June 20, and is still missed by all who knew her. She was married to Elmo Day, and they have three children, Margaret (Hager) Trent, Kathy Day Ross and Sharon (Roger) Sexton.

Lindell Burdine Gilley died one year ago, June 21. Remember his wife, Virginia Ann and children on this sad day for them.

Marvin Taylor Sr. died one year ago on June 22. He is still missed by his wife, Arlene, sons, Marvin Jr. and Chris, and all of his friends and relatives. Such a sad day to see you leave. We still miss you and think about you often. He also had some other children who love and miss him.

June 23, the children of the late Otis and Ruthie Fields Caudill will have a memorial service for their late brother, Hubert Caudill, and dinner on the ground at 1 p.m. at the Steve Fields Cemetery on Cowan. Everyone is welcome to come and spend time with the family. Please bring a covered dish.

I am hoping to go and see Nancy Caudill Tole, Allen Caudill and their families.

I know this article is mostly about people who have passed on, but they were important in our lives and are missed every day, and I like to mention their names so their families know that we still care for them and are thinking of them.

I still have plenty of friends, relatives and neighbors who still need prayer. Just pray for everyone you can think of, because God answers prayer.

Irene and Eugene Day, along with their daughter, Emma Adams, and Emma’s son Chris all went to Kingsport recently to see Eugene’s only living aunt, Inez, who is in her 90s. They had a real good visit and stopped at the Golden Corral and ate.

Irene said that she ate too much. Glad that they were able to go see her and that they had a good time.

Our sympathy goes out to Travis Morton’s family, Major Cornett’s family and Barbara Huff ’s family.

Well folks, I’ve got to run. I will talk to you later. Take care. All have a good week, and be kind to each other. May God bless you.

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