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Paige Brown, Hunter Griffie mark birthdays

Big Cowan

This has really been some week with all of the water problems in Letcher County, and also the election. Thank goodness the election was just one night and didn’t go on for weeks like it did back in 2000 with Al Gore.

A lot of people are sick or in the hospital this week: Earl Rayburn is in the hospital, Hazel Rayburn has pneumonia, Ina Vae Fields is in the hospital, and Kathy Wolfe is in the hospital with pneumonia. Sorry if I missed anyone.

I pray that all will be well and up and about soon. Also, Heather Day has been real sick, but she’s better now.

Paige Brown and Hunter Griffie celebrated their birthdays on Saturday, Nov. 8, at the Cowan Community Center. Paige is the daughter of Heather Day of Cowan, and Chad Brown. She will be five years old. Hunter is the son of Melissa Huff and Dwight Griffie and is seven years old. He lives on Cowan with his dad.

I will be having a birthday on Nov. 20. I’m getting too old to count, but I’m glad I am still here.

Also, my nephew, Archie Wayne Fields, and Melissa Whitaker Fields will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary on Nov. 20 (my birthday). Best of luck to the both of you. They will be moving into their beautiful new home soon. They have three daughters, Deidria, Tonya and Alexis.

Everyone please pray for Virginia Ann Gilley of Columbus, Ind. Her husband, Burdine, has Alzheimer’s, and she really has a rough time. Also, pray that the Lord will touch his mind.

My sister, Kathy Wolfe, is in the hospital. She has really been sick with pneumonia, running a fever and breaking out with a rash. She is in ICU. Please keep her in your prayers.

My cousins, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, are really sad that their little dog Faith, who traveled everywhere with them, was hit by a van and died later from a skull fracture. They are having a hard time dealing with it because that was their baby. My sympathy goes out to them, and please pray for them.

Bill and Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind.’s daughter, Ella Grindstaff, has been in the hospital, but is now doing some better.

Agnes had been in the hospital with double pneumonia, which I didn’t know about until she was out of the hospital.

My husband, James’s, brain scan turned out OK, thank the Lord.

Thanks to Pastor Johnny Collier and his wife Ann, Leroy and Joann Fields, Roger Eldridge, Marvin Taylor, Judy Fields, Linda and Christy Polly, Charlie and Ann Adams, and Dorothy Ison for their visits, prayers, gifts and the love you showed Kathy in this hospital. I appreciate all of you.

Linda Fields also went by and saw here, and Archie and Margaret Fields also visited, and Jenny Day.

I would like to say a big hello to all who read my column here in Kentucky, as well as those in other states. I appreciate all of you.

My cousin, Audrey Hammonds in North Vernon, Ind., and I reminisced over the phone about our growing-up days and how green we were about a lot of things. Children these days know more now than we did at their age.

Where has the time gone? As Edith and Archie Bunker used to say, “those were the days.” I love looking back at how things were and how they are now.

I used to think R.C. Day was named that because of RC Cola. I didn’t realize at the time that he was named after his daddy, Ran Day. Sorry, R.C.

I used to wonder if your friends were Coca- Cola and Pepsi-Cola! See, I told you I was as green as a gourd. Oh well! Don’t hold that against me, okay?

While at the hospital with Kathy I met a 46-year-old woman from Isom. Her name is Betty Gibson. She was really sick and confused. I sat with her for a little bit to help calm her down and so her husband could go for a smoke, and to help bring her blood pressure down. I also said a small prayer for her. I hope she is doing much better.

It is sad to go in a hospital or nursing home and see people disoriented. My heart goes out to them. I worked in a nursing home for 12 years, worked in private homes for two years, worked two years in group homes and you see people with all different kinds of problems. Your heart can’t help but to go out to them. It’s not pity, but it’s a blessing when you feel like you are doing something for them.

I have always enjoyed that kind of work even though it can be stressful and sad at times. I have worked in retail and in factories, but I always seem to go back to caregiving. I guess it’s always been my calling.

Well enough about me. Have a great week, and go to a church of your choice. Pray for those who are in need, and pray for our country.

Until next time here at Cowan Corner, may God bless each and every one of you.

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